Greetings to my neighbors, family, friends and supporters!

As a proud first generation immigrant born to George Shammas (Syriac Christian Orthodox) and Virginia Arakelian (Armenian) and a United States Navy veteran with almost twenty five years of service first as an enlisted person and later as a commissioned officer I am humbly seeking your support and vote to serve as your congressman.

Together, we can build opportunities by focusing on the following:

Help small businesses grow:

In cooperation with local chambers of commerce, business associations and neighborhood councils we should help and recognize small businesses as the real engines of our economy. We must reduce regulatory obstacles and support growth to let our small businesses thrive.

Making education affordable and accessible to all:

Our youth seek higher education, but too often find themselves crippled by the excessive weight of student loans. Those seeking an opportunity for higher education and a better life should not have to worry about the high financial burdens.

Making quality healthcare available to everyone:

We should be able to provide the highest quality healthcare to our children, seniors, and veterans. Everyone should be able to choose his or her doctor and get medical attention when needed.

Support for Our Seniors and Veterans:

Seniors and veterans served our nation honorably and are the foundation of our democracy. They built and defended our way of life and we must honor and protect them.

As a retired military officer, I will work very hard to keep our people safe from terrorism at home and abroad.

Every Vote Counts!                                                              Vote June 5th

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!