Dear family, friends, and supporters,

2 years ago, we ran in our first election on June 7, 2016 in the Democratic Primary as a "write-in" candidate! We received 1,177 write-in votes! Pretty good for not being on the ballot and campaigning for 2 months.

1 year ago on April 4, 2017, we ran in our second election under the amazing Green Party and ended up placing 7th out of 24 candidates, beating 14 Democrats & ALL other party candidates (including the Republican, Libertarian, & Non-Partisan candidates). We were also 394 votes away from 4th place and spent the least amount of money per vote (meaning we had people power!).

With that being said, today, we have a new Congressman: another neoliberal Democrat who takes corporate money but rationalizes it's "okay" because he was endorsed by progressive groups and because of a simple progressive voting record.

But that's not good enough. People are hungry for real change. People are sick and tired of establishment politics and politicians accepting huge lump sums of money from the people/companies they're "supposedly" going to stand up against in office.

It is not good enough to just vote "right" or do something good every now and then. We need people who are willing to go above and beyond and help build a movement and push for revolutionary change. It's time for a REAL political revolution!

A political revolution where we don't compromise on our values, where we push for better, like cancelling student debt or a guaranteed basic income, and where we destroy the 2-party system, a system that has enslaved the working class and the masses to fill the pockets of the 1% for too long. It's time to give the people something NEW!

With that being said, we are planning on running against Jimmy Gomez, the new Congressional District 34 Congressman in the June 5, 2018 Primary under the Green Party.

We are not running because we want to, but because we have to. We are running because people are dying, literally, for real change, and guess what? The same old same is not working and has not been working. I would encourage anyone else with the right heart and mind to do the same in 2018!

If you know of anyone that would make an amazing Congress person for Los Angeles' Congressional District 34, please let me know ASAP and I would be happy to step aside, but only if that person runs Green.

In the meantime, let's get the ball rolling! Please sign up to volunteer below!

Always in solidarity,

Kenneth Mejia

#CD34 #CA34

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    “Justice News Network stands with Kenneth Mejia to become the FIRST Green party Member of Congress ever. He is from CACD34 in Los Angeles! Submitted Proudly by Larry Alger Publisher”

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    “We need to save the Democracy thatthe founding fathers established.”

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    “We the people need honest change, and the Green party offers this change! Don't believe the constant attacks on the Greens. Kenneth Mejia will work for you, not big money!”

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July 13, 2018

116 days left till our election, we need your help!


We have 116 days left until the November 6, 2018, General Election. I'm emailing all our supporters to see if you can help us with a very small and DOABLE task to help us win.

I wanted to ask if you can commit to helping our campaign by securing just 10 votes over the next 4 months? So just 10 votes over the next 110+ days. Our goal is 10,000 Nationwide volunteers, with each volunteer securing just 10 votes.

You can help secure votes by:

  1. Canvassing (knocking on doors if you live in Los Angeles),
  2. Phonebanking (from anywhere and even out of state), and/or
  3. Reaching out to friends in the district to vote for us (we would need their first and last name to see if they're in the voter file).

If 10,000 people like yourself can convert 10 voters into supporters, we will easily beat the corporate-sponsored Democrat who currently votes on behalf of the donors he has accepted money from - including CCA (the 2nd largest private prison), Monsanto, Big Pharma, predatory health insurers and student loan debt collectors, major developers who are driving entire communities out of their homes, and many others (but not you). Sign up at to volunteer and we'll contact you today!

Please also consider donating a small portion to our campaign. With your generosity, we have been able to get campaign voter data, a campaign headquarters, campaign material, and reimbursements for meals and more for our volunteers. We are almost close to $50,000 raised so please chip in a small amount to help us keep going! Donate here!

You can always  email me at for any questions!

Thank you,

Kenneth Mejia (G) - CA34

June 27, 2018

Can you donate to help us fund these campaign expenses?

Hi friends, can you donate to our campaign to help us cover some expenses we have to get covered immediately?  

  • $6,000 - voter database ($1,500/month) 
  • $6,000 - campaign office ($1,500/month) 
  • $2,000 - flyers - 4 languages (35,000+)

Even just a small dollar amount like $5 or $27 can help us big time when many people donate and help us reach our goals! These resources will us on the ground be more organized and with efficiently targeting voters to vote for us!

June 21, 2018

1,000 is the Magic Number to Win in November!


We are 138 days away from the November 6, 2018, General Election in California. I'll be very honest, we're going to need a lot of help & resources to win, but I know we can do it. We saw it in 2016 and we know what people power can do if we all take initiative and stay motivated for change. Right now children are getting separated from their parents, the military budget just got approved to increase closer to $1 trillion with bi-partisan support, and wealth & income inequality is at record level highs.

In order to win in November, we need 1,000 volunteers nationwide, volunteering 2 to 4 hours a week. You can phonebank if you're out of town or knock on doors if you live in LA County. You can even contact media on our behalf, anything helps. Our opponent has all the money imaginable so it's going to take people power to win. Can you become 1 of our 1,000 team members to help us win? Click the link below to sign up to volunteer.



There are so many activists part of many movements, please use this electoral arm as just 1 of many ways to advance our many movements.   If you cannot volunteer, please become a monthly donor. If we have 1,000 monthly donorsof $5 or $10 or $27, we can have enough funds and resources to pay for voter data, get a campaign office, and more. Can you become a monthly donor? CrowdPac has a monthly donor feature, just click on the link below to donate!


It's not going to be easy to win in November, but it's not impossible with your help. Thank you.

- Kenneth Mejia (G)

June 6, 2018



We made it to the General Election on November 6, 2018! I will post more later but know WE MADE HISTORY! A Green in #CA34 - Los Angeles - is going 1 on 1 with a Corporate Dem, a FIRST! Most importantly, we will give our District a fighting chance for Progress! Thank you everyone for your support!

Please consider donating in this historic victory for us! Please also volunteer as well!

- Kenneth Mejia (G)

May 31, 2018

5 days left - Spread the word, donate, let's win!

We have 5 days left until our Tuesday, June 5, California Primary! We are seeking to make history by being 1 of the FIRST Green Congressional candidates in Los Angeles to ever make it to the General Election. We have come so far and we couldn't have made it here without your help. The countless hours of knocking on doors, making phone calls, sharing social media posts, and donating to our campaign are the reason why we are here.

In our final days before our election, can you sign up to volunteer here for our campaign by making phone calls or knocking on doors? If you cannot volunteer, can you donate here one final time?

Some good news is that, we have always out raised our corporate Congressman when it comes to small donations as you can see from the graphic below. This is something we should be very proud of as it shows who we represent and who he represents. 

Lastly, please tell ALL your friends who live in District 34 - Los Angeles to vote for us too before or on June 5 (this is probably the easiest way we can get votes)!

If you have any questions or want to get involved immediately, please reply back to this email! (

Let's make history!

In solidarity,

Kenneth Mejia

May 22, 2018

2 weeks left! Donate one last time! Let's win!

Hello friends!

We're almost here! 14 days exactly till the June 5th election! 

Thank you each and everyone of you for donating to our campaign! To date we have raised $30,174! Because of your help we have been able to knock on thousands of doors, make thousands of phone calls, pay for campaign meals, gas, transportation costs, etc., pay for voter data, and more!

Can you donate one last time before our June 5 election?

Thank you friends, let's make history!

April 30, 2018

35 days away until election day!

Hi friends!

We are 35 days away until election day. We are making good progress talking to tens of thousands of voters! We can still use some more help in terms of people volunteering and/or donating to our campaign! Vote By Mail starts next week, can you help us talk to voters by phonebanking if you live out of state or by door knocking if you locally? You can sign up to volunteer at 

If you can't volunteer, can you donate again to our campaign? We can win with your help!

We are in the final stretch, and remember we have to be Top 2 on June 5 and there are only 3 of us running! 

April 12, 2018

54 Days Left Until our June 5 Election!

Dear friends!

We are 54 days out until our June 5 election for Congress in California's 34th Congressional District of Los Angeles. As time moves fast, the challenges of running a grassroots campaign with 100% volunteers gets harder and harder as the pressure builds. I would like to reach out to you see if you can spare a few hours a week to help make phone calls (from your home) or if you locally in the LA area to come join us knock on some doors or table at events. 

As many of you know we are full-time students, workers, single moms, parents, immigrants, you name it. We are what makes this country and we are not tainted by any corporate or special interest like our opponent and Congressman. 


Some of the accomplishments that we have achieved during this campaign so far:

- We are the campaign that collected the most signatures to get onto the ballot while a majority of candidates paid the full $1,740 to be on the ballot. Meaning we went out into and talked to the community about the issues that mattered most to them.

- We have OVER 23,000 supporters nationwide, with hundreds of volunteers signed up to help (including you!) who have enabled us to reach over thousands of voters and counting through phonebanking and knocking on doors! (We still need more volunteers!)

- We have raised $24,000 with 581 individual campaign contributions with an average of $41 a donation!

- We have a very high chance in making it past the June 5 Primary as we have to place in the top 2 and we are only running against 2 other candidates. This would be a first for a Green Congressional candidate in Los Angeles to make it that far! 


This weekend, we will be having a Meet n Greet in Highland Park at the NELA Art Walk from 7pm to 10pm that I would like to invite you to, please rsvp here if you can come and invite all your friends and family. Come learn about me, our campaign, and see how you can get involved with this historic grassroots campaign. 

Just a reminder, you can volunteer from anywhere for our campaign! If you live in Los Angeles, you can help us knock on doors with our team (never alone)! If you live out of state, please consider phonebanking from your home! We have a script and everything so it's really easy to talk to voters.

In addition, please consider donating $27 here as we are less than $600 away from raising $25,000!

Please send me an email at if you ever want to volunteer or if you have any questions!

In solidarity!

Kenneth Mejia

March 27, 2018

We are almost to $25,000 raised for our Grassroots campaign!

Hello friends!

We are almost close to $25,000 raised! Currently we are at $21,750. Our opponent as of 12/31/2017 raised over $150,000 already.

We are 70 days out until our election on June 5, 2018. So we need all the help we can get. We are a grassroots campaign with hundreds of volunteers knocking on doors, making phone calls, sending out texts, and tabling at events because we cannot afford to send daily mailers or pay a company to campaign for us like our Congressman is doing. 

We believe that a clean grassroots campaign lead by the people is the only way campaigns should be run. If we win on June 5, it will prove to the world that you don't need corporation donations, PACS, Super PACS, super wealthy individuals, or companies to do the campaigning for you, all you need is Community Support. 

So please sign up to volunteer here and please considering donating again if you can't volunteer as we have a fundraising deadline on March 31, 2018. 

Thank you for all your help friends!

March 12, 2018

We Passed $20,000 Raised & Guess what?

Thank you everyone for your generous donations, we surpassed $20,000 raised today! 

Our Congressman and opponent is likely probably over $200,000 raised for the election season but we make up for it with People Power! 

One thing I wanted to update you all on is that we have a very HIGH chance in advancing to the November General Election in California's 34th Congressional District of Los Angeles, a first for a Green Congressional Candidate in Los Angeles! 

We just need to place in the Top 2 spots in our June 5th Election to advance to the General Election and guess what?!

There are ONLY 3 candidates (including us) so we really need your help to make top 2 and win on June 5th! If we win on June 5th, we will win in November, I guarantee you!

How can you help? 

1) If you live locally, we need help knocking on doors, usually 2 hour sessions and you have a partner! Sign up here!

2) If you live far from Los Angeles or out of state, we need help making phone calls to voters for at least 30 minutes per session (that's pretty short), we have a script and everything so it's really easy! Sign up here!

3) Donate! Campaigns are really expensive and we're going to need help with that! 

Let's use these next 2 to 3 months to reach out to the voters. Many voters don't have social media or don't know what's going on besides what's going on in their home and our opponent and Congressman has been sending mail every week at the taxpayers's expense using his "Franking Privileges".

If you would like to help knock on doors or make phone calls to voters, please sign up to volunteer or email me at to get involved! 

Thank you friends, family, and supporters!

Let's make History!

In solidarity,

-Kenneth Mejia

March 9, 2018

Thank you Everyone! We are ALMOST to $20,000!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to our campaign! In the past week, we have raised over $7,000! Thanks to you, we will have funds for meals and gas for volunteers, voter data, and information sent out to all registered voters about our campaign!

Can you help us hit $20,000 raised before our fundraising deadline today at 5pm PST? 

We are only $2,562 away from hitting $20,000! If 95 of you (our friends, family, and supporters) donate $27, we will hit our March 9th Deadline! 

Thank you everyone for helping us reach this amazing milestone! Also, please consider volunteering for our campaign too, we know we will be outraised by hundreds of thousands of dollars by our Corporate backed opponent but we can win with people power!

If you live out of state, please consider making phone calls or if you live around Los Angeles, please help us knock on doors, or both!

Please visit

Thank you again and please consider donating and volunteering if you can! 

Let's make history!

- Kenneth Mejia (G) CA34

August 15, 2017

Campaign created!

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