Thank you in advance! Tariffs are a hidden regressive tax that we Americans pay on the imported products we want to buy. Supporting tariffs means you are against free & fair trade, as tariffs are a tax on trade.

Such tariff taxes have proven to be a DISASTER for America in the past (ex. Smoot-Hawley bill lead to the 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression). And are even more dangerous in the knowledge-based economy of our future.

Donald Trump however has made himself the POSTER CHILD of TARIFFS. Current U.S. tariffs on a trade weighted basis are ~1.5%. Trump seek to a MASSIVE 35% tariff on autos, trucks and parts coming from countries like Mexico. He want a 45% tariff on the Apple iPhone and ALL other products coming from China. And he is now adding other countries like Japan, Vietnam and others too.

This insane scheme is 7.5x the average rate imposed by the crippling Smoot-Hawley tariff.

To his supporters, this sounds great. But only as they are CLUELESS that it is WE AMERICANS that pay these taxes!

He has his "Useful Idiots" sheep thinking that tariffs is how he plans to get Mexico to "pay for the wall". But here is the good news - our research suggest when his supporters are shown the impact of Trump's Tariff Tax plan on the price of the stuff they want to buy, many of his soft supporters slink away fast.

Our aim is twofold:

1) to educate Americans that a tariff is a hidden regressive tax WE pay, and over the last century, tariff taxes have been a disaster for the U.S. economy (coming soon), and

2) As long as Trump is in the race, we are committing 100% of our maximum allowed political budget in efforts to oppose him.
(This ad is attached & available on Youtube here: )

Pledge today to help us make our initial fundraising goal of $3,000 - you'll only be charged if & when we make it! 100% of this initial money will go to producing and promote these two ads. Once created, we’ll also send our ads to you, our donors, so you can also share them with your friends!

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May 13, 2016

Well.... that sucks.

So it seems, in spite our best efforts, Trump will be the GOP candidate. And while the mission of AFTRD has always been a broader defend of Free & Fair Trade, and our #NeverTrump effort was always less than 50% of our spend, AFTRD is hemorrhaging cash with no foreseeable near term donations that will correct the deficit. Lack of public education on the facts that prove the benefits of Free & Fair Trade is STILL an urgent problem. And Trump is still a clear and present threat to this core principle of America's economy. But this c4 entity is no longer the best vehicle to advance these missions. So in closing, on behalf of the Board and Officers of AFTRD, allow me to express our gratitude that you shared our vision and helped make our ads a reality. And know it was not in vain. Our ad did help make the difference in Ohio. And our ads will live on for we have agreed to return all rights to them to the producer (@nkammerman) who will be able to recut and re-purpose them. And we've decided to keep our Trumpified ad available for viewing on YouTube. Sincerely, Jake Schaible Executive Director AFTRD

March 25, 2016

We CAN STOP Trump ... Ohio proves it.

As reported in "The Hill" ( we of focused our promotion of our Trumpified ad on Ohio. Obviously, Ohio was a big win for #NeverTrump. But now have details which provide further evidence that our ad helped in that "must win" contest. We aimed our limited promotion in two key countries in Ohio - Cuyahoga & Franklin. The results show that these two countries yielded the #1 and #2 largest turnout of "Not Trump" GOP votes! But more so, they both provided WELL above average in the "Not Trump" GOP vote per capita. (69% & 78% respectively vs ave Ohio country vote of 63% "Not Trump"). Now some on Team Cruz have questioned why we focused on Ohio. They feel helping Kasich may have kept him in the race. Perhaps. But our focus is not to help any specific candidate, but to only ensure Trump doesn't have the 1237 delegates he needs to clinch. So from our perspective, we helped keep 66 delegate from Trump in a state where Cruz was never competitive. Also understand we initiated our ad buy in Ohio prior to Sen. Rubio's tactical endorsement of Kasich in that contest. So we have no regrets on our priority to Ohio. But that is not to say we have no regrets... Our biggest regret? That we didn't have the funds to allow us to ALSO run our in our second target state: Missouri. #NeverTrump lost that state to Trump in a squeaker of just 1,726 votes. The two counties we had hoped to target there both under performed #NeverTrump expectations. With as little as another $3,000, together we could have purchased some 100,000 more Missouri Google Adword impressions for our ad, that might have spawned even more peer to peer sharing of our ad, as well a further donations to our crowdfunding. But we MUST look forward! Our near term objective remains simple: stop Trump from securing 1237 bound GOP convention delegates. We have a proven ad. We have a proven strategy. But we can't do this alone. Donate now to help us buy eyeballs. Help us to wake up America. Help us defend America's free & fair trade policies that has made America the worlds strongest economy. Together we can fight against Trump's lies and stop the disaster that will result from Trump's insane 45% tariff tax scheme. Please donor generously.

March 8, 2016

The Press loves us...they really love us! (NRO)

See their story on our ad at:

March 7, 2016

Here's the link! #Trumpified -the first of two ads.

Feel free to like, steal & share!

March 6, 2016

Get ready...she's a coming! #Trumpified!

The most AWESOME ad in the HISTORY of mankind! It's gonna be YUGE! All the hard work starts to pay off come Monday, March 7th.

February 28, 2016

Wow! Ads in production!

We're nearly at goal so we're lighting the rocket! Just heard first draft of the audio - It is Amazing! Hard hitting and relevant! (Think Groin Kick!) This is happening ... We just might make history! So it's time to get on board the #NeverTrump Train. We could be the very first GrassRoots Crowdfunding effort EVER to have impact in a Presidential election! Don't be confused. We know, $3k is NOT a lot of money. But it's not all the money we have. Still, we don't have a YUGE amount of cash, we've enough to produce professional quality ads. But still, we need your help to buy Eyeballs. Every eyeball counts! Please donate to protect the US future from being #Tariffied by Trump!

Campaign created!

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