The United States is still the greatest country in the world, but the middle class is struggling as it never has in decades.  We also face other major problems that are going unresolved.  To solve these, we need smart change in which policy decisions are based on facts, integrity and non-extremist thinking to bring fairness and balance back to the system and prosperity back to the middle class.

I will provide tough, fact-based leadership for IL14 and our country.  My mission:

We WILL bring prosperity back to our struggling middle class.  For decades, employees and shareholders have benefited fairly from company earnings.  This is one of the main reasons why the middle class flourished in the late twentieth century.  Over the past two decades that balance has shifted in favor of the shareholders.  In order for our society to thrive EVERYONE needs to share in the benefits from our increasing productivity.  In doing this we will also resolve our coming retirement crisis by providing us and coming generations with the same opportunity to retire at a reasonable age that our parent’s generation had.  At the same time, we need to educate people on the need for individual responsibility along with the positive aspects and means of achieving a productive and successful life.

We WILL resolve our easily solvable problems:

  • providing access to good jobs, about 6 million of which are already out there waiting to be filled
  • providing the U.S. with the same great, inexpensive universal coverage healthcare system that Canada and European countries already have
  • paying off our federal debt just like we did after World War II
  • regain our leadership position in driving for the quick resolution of climate change

We WILL return control of our political system, our government, and our democracy back to the people rather than the career politicians.

We WILL make decisions based on facts and data rather than extreme ideology to assure the success of what we will accomplish.

We WILL return to the principles that made the U.S. great for almost 250 years:

  • Trust in God
  • Integrity
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Common Sense and Efficiency
  • Compassion and Tolerance

The Trump administration, backed up by the Republicans and Randy Hultgren, the current 14th District representative, is making policy decisions which polls indicate nearly always go against the will of the majority of American people.  The elected officials in government work for the American people, not the other way around.  Politicians need to listen to the people that they work for.  As a result of the bad decisions being made, we are now beginning to fall behind much of the developed world in a number of key metrics.  This is just not acceptable!  We need strong Democratic leadership in Washington to keep this administration in check.

I’m a chemical engineer who has had a career solving problems, creating things that work, making things more efficient, and getting things done.  We need to change the direction that this country is heading in by doing things that make sense.  I have the passion, knowledge and experience to do just that.

I AM the candidate who can win in 2018 and go on to Washington and get things done!  We are running out of time and need to act NOW to make sure that our middle class prospers and that the U.S. remains the greatest country in the world.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!