From the moment I enlisted into the Presidential Honor Guard in Washington DC., 3rd U.S. Army Infantry in January 1986, I took an oath that every Soldier must take.  That oath:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

Part of my value system that draws me to seek Federal Office is to correct the unwillingness of the 535 Members serving in the Capital Building, including Pete Sessions, to remedy. Currently, we have a domestic enemy to the greatest & most powerful nation the world has ever seen. This enemy (these enemies) of the people are at top levels of our Government. The Republicans show no interest in taking corrective action, regardless of the mounting stacks and stacks of evidence to legally remove this man from office, yet they refuse to do so. 

Why? Because the Republicans have chosen party over country. They care less about this danger to our nation and more about getting him to sign their legislation. When the stakes are so high, shouldn’t everyone in Washington care about the severe damage he is doing to our great nation rather than their Grand Old Party?

Another part of my value system that draws me to seek Federal Office is that there is this colossal myth, I call it a lie, being perpetrated by members of all branches of the government that I need to confront. That lie is that “we are a divided nation”. This couldn’t be anything further from the truth. From Uptown, Highland, and University Park to North Dallas, Richardson, and Garland, all parents want the same thing for their children: we want our children to grow up happy, healthy, with great opportunity for higher education and health care, and not to be bullied for their differences, or singled-out for their skin color, race, religion, ethnicity, accent, or apparel.

Another part of my value system that draws me to seek Federal Office is to level the playing field for each American. Regardless of whether you are rich, upper middle class, middle class, or poor, no one should be at a disadvantage because of money. For the better part of the past three decades, we have heard politicians use “dog-whistle” language to describe our fellow Americans. Last election cycle, “dog-whistles” were crushed and the true filth of those “dog-whistles” were just out-right blasted into the public discourse: bigotry, racism, religion, and wealth were screamed to us by a paranoid, pathological liar… and the droves of disaffected people who needed someone to blame came out to vote for a mad-man.

So, here is my vision for the future of America:

The Youngest

We are going to start with the youngest and the oldest in our society and work to the center.

  • The youngest are going to go through some awesome changes
  • Most of the jobs of the past are not coming back to these shores of ours, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. We need to prepare and train our children and young adults in the best schools and colleges, with the best technology for the jobs of the future, and teach these young Americans to be have a positive self esteem, be proud of their accomplishments, have a sense of patriotism for a great nation, and be flexible.
  • We are going to rebuild our crumbling schools with the highest tech included
  • School uniforms may become a byproduct of this so no student feels inferior or stigmatized
  • School supplies and vaccines will be provided by the schools (no opt-out)
  • School days should be extended until 5:30pm so the students can get extra help with their most troublesome homework and be able to get homework done at school
  • We are going to feed our students 3 healthy meals a day… yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • All students will go to a 2-year technical college or 4-year college on a full ride scholarship (means tested, of course, starting at somewhere around $100,000.00)
  • Teachers need to have a substantial raise because they are the people we trust to mold the young minds of our children

The Seniors

We are going to continue my vision for the future of America by planning a path for the wisest and most vulnerable in our society: the senior population.

  • Older Americans are going to go through exciting changes as well
  • Hopefully by releasing the constant burden that the senior population is being weighed down by, they will have more time to get involved in volunteering at our schools and other ways that the wisdom of their years can teach us
  • We are no longer going allow our seniors to be held hostage by big pharma and insurance conglomerates
  • We are going to give seniors real cost-of-living adjustments, for which they are currently not being fully compensated, since some of the COLA is being taken back by your government
  • We are NOT going to raise the retirement age for any American worker past 65 unless that is a decision they choose
  • We are going to eliminate the tax cap on Medicare for all wage earners
  • We are going to accomplish this by negotiating the price of prescription drugs
  • We are going to limit (reduce) the patent period of big pharma
  • We are no longer going to permit big pharma from buying (extending) the patent period by paying other drug companies not to produce generic drugs in exchange for anything material or of value,

Everyone Else

We are going to conclude what I can place on here with my vision of the future for everyone that falls between the youngest and the seniors.

  • Middle Americans, or everyone else, are finally going to get the American Dream they can look forward to, believe in, and deserve! But with this comes the most exciting and fruitful changes. So, they must be the most flexible and open to change.
  • Like I stated earlier, most of jobs are not coming back to our shores
  • The tax structure, like I stated earlier, must change
  • We are going to work through our deeds & laws, some of which you have already read, to remove the artificial stigma that has been placed on some American families
  • If you work 40 hours a week you should be able to be above the poverty line, not dependent on food stamps, and be able to raise a family. Yes, this means a pay raise
  • Every American is going to have healthcare (period)
  • We are going to lift the responsibility of providing Healthcare from employers
  • We must be dedicated to ensuring a displaced worker keeps health insurance
  • We must be dedicated to retraining displaced workers
  • Unemployment must be extended through the time that employee retraining occurs just like health insurance
  • The American worker must not be blind to the fact that our economy and the world is changing at light speed, and thus they must embrace worker retraining and must be flexible to the coming changes (proactive)
  • Like I have stated earlier, the cap on the Medicare tax must be removed
  • We must install a progressive alternative minimum tax structure for those who earn above $1M
  • Corporations will have already been given a break by taking the insurance costs off their backs
  • And finally let me dispel with this lie that the U.S has the highest tax rate: the European nations have a tax rate of corporations around 27%. After all the deductions that American companies can take, our corporate tax is 27.3%. It can be even worse than that: some American companies pay $0.00, or even have credits left over for the next year to deduct

Those are some of my values – to bring fairness to the American Dream – and that is why I am running.

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