My name is Jerry Sias. I am running for the Michigan House 89th Dist. Born in Grand Haven Mi, raised in Ferrysburg Mi. I'm a graduate of Grand Haven Senior High. After High School served 8 years in the U.S. Army also a decorated Veteran of The Gulf War. I am the past Commander of V.F.W. Post 2326. I've been married for 25 years. Father of 2 grown daughters.  A member of the I.B.E.W. Brotherhood.  Studied Electrical Theory at Local 275, Grand Rapids Community College & Muskegon Community College.  Past owner & operator of Affordable Electric. 

 During these vital times in our great State we need Representatives who work together to solve our most pressing issues. We need to close the divides between the parties by working on both sides of the aisle. This ensures everyone's voice is heard. 

 I am a Blue Collar, middle-class Michigander who understands your concerns. The middle class in this state are living on the edge. Stagnant wages over priced Health Insurance with high deductibles and costly Day Care. Some are forced to work part-time, so their employers are not responsible for benefits. We are not only concerned with our futures, but frightened with what our children face. I get it, and will fight to make it better for all Michiganders.

  • First: Let's help the middle class with Single Payer Health Insurance. With the right leadership this can be accomplished for all citizens of Michigan.
  • Second: We must find a way to help with child and elderly care. The state does offer minimal assistance for for child care, but it falls way short for the middle class. With the Baby Boomers reaching elderly ages our states are going to face tough choices for care. We must be proactive on this matter our seniors deserve the best.    
  • Third:  Bring the trades back to high schools. We have some great county tech centers. We need more funding and access to these centers. This ensures we have a knowledgeable work force right out of high school. Our children should have options other than college.
  • Forth: Our infrastructure has been neglected for way too long. We need not only to fix our existing infrastructure, but bring it up to tomorrow's standards. This burden will be felt by all in Michigan. It's not just on the back of the middle class anymore. Industry and big business must have good infrastructure to succeed. So they must help absorb the cost.

Thank you, 

Jerry Sias for the 89th   

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August 24, 2017

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