The target of this campaign is to raise $10,000. 

The immediate goal for using this seed funding is to reach out to all the Massachusettsians; and to demonstrate that people in Massachusetts do not want to limit themselves with the only two major parties; and also want to make all the "outsiders" start working together for the benefits of the people.

In the context of this campaign, an "outsider" is everyone who is socially or politically active, but does not want to give his or her time and energy neither to the Republicans, nor to the Democrats. 

Such a person can also be called a "Third-Forcer"!

Currently, people, who do not trust in the ability of either major party to effectively govern the Country, are fighting their own political wars. Outside of the Republicans or the Democrats everyone is for himself. 

This needs to change!

We have a real historic chance to create The 3-D Force movement, which will become a powerful political force. 

The ultimate goal is to officially establishing the American 3d-parties and Independents Coalition (of course, first we need to establish the Massachusetts 3d-parties and Independents Coalition).

Please, invest some time into reading this webpage   (this page provides a clear foundation for the movement to become a true political force),

and feel free to join the Movement!

I post updates on my blog:

Thank you!

Your fellow "outsider",

Valentin Voroshilov

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September 14, 2017

an update about the updates

Dear Visitor,

if you wandered in the Internet and found this page and wondering why don't you see any updates, it is because I post them on my blog at

I started the blog to write on education related issues, but soon started using it for political posts as well.

For example, below are the titles of some latest posts:

Conservative Liberals – future Porgs of the political America.

"The True Role Of The Third Party In The U.S. In The Current Political Environment", or "What Do We Really Need From The First Truly Third Political Party?"

Make America Whole Again! The 3-D Force in politics.

"What Do We Really Need From The First Truly Third Political Party?"

An Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Senator Al Franken

Are the political parties still usable? That is a loaded question

For progressives Convergence seems yet elusive - but still possible

Who are the real wealth creators?

The worst birthday gift to Senator Sanders 

Why Should the Democrats Support The 3-D Force? 

When will the Democrats make the first step of the 12-step program (admitting!)? Seems - never! 

Peering through the fog of brainwashing: the real reasons behind the conservative politics. 

Ignoring sloppiness: a sign of tolerance or mismanagement? And how did it affect 2016 election.

“Being Polite” versus “Being Nice”; what is the difference for a debater? 

Why did Hillary Clinton Lose the Race? Or. Conformism and Arrogance of The Establishment. And. What To Do Now?

and more.

From the titles the posts may seem mostly criticizing the Democrats, but they offer specific steps for moving ahead.

Please, feel to leave your comment, or reach me out directly.

Thank you for visiting,

Yours 3-D Forcer


August 28, 2017

Campaign created!

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