For years now, I have been interested in running for a political office, but never really pursued the idea. I took interest in the Libertarian Party after getting fed up with the Republicans and Democrats who would come to office only to undo what the other party did in the previous term(s). I feel the current establishment is more concerned with this then they are with what the actual people they are supposed to represent are concerned about. I decided it was time to take a stand after the 2016 elections.

A little background on who I am before I tell you about my platform. I'm a Saint Louis County native and Army Veteran. I served in the 101st Airborne Division as a senior line medic and senior first responder instructor from 2003 to 2007, with one combat deployment to Iraq in 2005 - 2006. In 2009, I obtained my Bachelor's of Business Administration degree with concentrations in Economics, Finance, & International Management from Austin Peay State University. Then, in 2014, I obtained my MBA from Webster University. Currently, I am attending Saint Louis University for a Master's in Social Work. Helping others is something that makes me happy, and after attempting to work in a corporate culture for three years, I realized it's time to do what I'm passionate about: helping others, and politics. I am single with no kids, but I have two of the greatest nieces ever whom I care tremendously for. My volunteer work includes being on the Generation Listen Leadership Counsel for St. Louis Public Radio, as well as being on the Board of Directors for the Midwest Veterans Service Alliance. I also volunteer my time with both organizations.

For my platform, I have three areas I really want to target. The biggest area I see a need for improvement in is our educational system. A lot of the problems our society is facing now is due to a lack of quality education. A brief run-down of how I feel is that children should go to school year-round, as we no longer need kids to have the summers off to work the fields. I also feel we should have four different start dates, allowing children who are within three months of each other to learn together instead of having, at times, a year age gap between students, which typically doesn't help the older, more cognitively-developed children learn to their full potential. It also will create more teaching jobs.

The second issue I'd like to tackle is the tax system. Currently, our tax code is a minefield where it does not benefit all Americans. Those with money or connections to CPAs that know the tax code benefit. What I will propose is a flat tax that steps up the more one makes. The tax will come out of each paycheck and be based upon what you made on that paycheck plus perks (if parking spots are provided, insurance is paid for, bonuses, etc.) as those are all part of your pay. On the low end, it will be a 5% tax and on the highest end, a 35% tax. There will also be no deductions. At the end of the year you will get a letter from the IRS that states how much was reportedly paid to you for the year. You will log onto a website and agree that is correct, or put in what additional money you received on the side, and pay on that. Eventually, I would like to get rid of the income tax for good! But we need to take baby steps. I also would like to fix the corporate tax as well, but that I'll talk about at another time.

The third platform issue is that of a Universal Basic Income (UBI). Currently, we have multiple government organizations who provide payments to people across varying different areas to include social security, medicare/medicaid, food stamps, and more. What I propose is providing a basic income for all Americans. This way, everyone is able to meet the basic needs they have for themselves and their families. With all the different organizations rolled into one group, we are able to diminish the amount of employees and building space needed, which also saves the government money. Not only that, but people who need the help are able to now actually get the help they need. Social Security, as it stands now, will always be there, but the returns will diminish with each generation. Why are we making promises we can't keep? This UBI will help those struggling, working multiple part-time minimum-wage jobs, those who just graduated college, those who have fallen on hard times, and people like you and me. It's not an end-all-be-all, but it's a start. You may ask, "What will prevent people from working at that point?" to which I ask you, "Well aren't there people who just use the system and don't work already?"

I am wanting to make a difference and really change the landscape of politics as we know it now. Your pledges to me will help kick start my campaign come February when it becomes official. I already have the support of the Missouri Libertarian Party, as well as the local Libertarian Party. The more support I see, the more energy it will give me. And every little bit counts, even $3. Thank you for your generous pledge.


Scott Lipic Moore

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August 30, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!