The home rule charter will allow us to break with tradition and expand beyond our longstanding story and create a new one. A story that welcomes creativity and innovation and brings vision, vitality and renewed prosperity to the Umpqua Valley.

A small group of concerned and committed citizens created the Charter over the course of many months. It is a a well-thought out document and its core provisions are successfully working in other counties. It has been operationally and legally tested.

All other local government entities in Douglas County operate with a part-time elected board or council, some receive a stipend and others are volunteer. Most, if not all, have a professional manager to implement board policies and manage their organization. This Charter is about professional management and administration of the County’s business operations by an experienced public administrator and offers broader geographical representation acknowledging the uniqueness of the County's communities. 

Douglas County has assets other communities only dream about; home rule can help us transform into an even more livable community, attractive to visitors and businesses alike and will make real the principle of government by the people, for the people.


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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!