I'm an independent-minded Councilman who believes in working together for the common good. 

I ran and won on a platform of working together to solve our City's most pressing and entrenched problems while also taking advantage of the best opportunities and innovations the world has to offer. 

Before I was sworn in, I spoke with our Council President about the creation of a City Council "Committee on Global Opportunities and the Creative/Innovative Economy". It was created and I was appointed Chairman. 

I've worked hard to bring new opportunities and good jobs to our city, especially for those without a college or even a high school degree. Without spending tax dollars, I've flown overseas to meet with top executives about locating facilities and making investments in our metropolitan region. I've also brought new attention and appreciation within government regarding the creative arts economy from privately funded initiatives to music and did film task forces.

I am the first Asian American to be elected to a political office in Philadelphia. I am also the only veteran serving on Philadelphia City Council. I'm proud to have introduced significant bills some have passed and many have not. But I'm still fighting. Among bills that passed, a Veterans Hiring Tax Credit that provides employers with a $15,000 business tax credit over 3 years for each returning veteran hired; a law which protects new mothers from being fired or harassed simply for expressing breast milk in the work place. Among the bills that haven't passed that I am still fighting for, creation of a City nonprofit that would reimburse teachers up to $5,000 for the money they spend out of their pockets to buy necessary school supplies, reforming the governance structure of public schools so they reflect global best practices with transparency, technology and equity in education for all students, tax reform so we are taxing smartly and not simply taxing.

They say in today's political climate fierce talk is more important than hard work. 

I believe a hallmark of democracy is our ability to vehemently disagree. But the magic of a democracy occurs when we come together and bring to life our greatest and highest values.

I ran without the support of the political powers. I spent my own money (I am not and was not wealthy) and put in long hours campaigning while also earning a living by managing a law office. I ran twice before winning the third time. I was re-elected despite heavy opposition from both the Republican and Democratic machines.

I ask for your support. Please help me and show that you too, believe that America is as great as we choose to make ourselves.

Thank you,


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September 4, 2017

Campaign created!

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