The Greig Women in Leadership Fund was established in 2016 by Michigan House Democratic Floor Leader Christine Greig - the only woman serving in elected leadership in the entire Legislature. Greig WLF supports progressive Michigan women running and serving in elected office.  

With your help, we can increase the number of women serving in the Michigan State House and Senate. In 2017, only 24% of legislative offices are held by women. Until we reach 50%, we will never be adequately represented in Lansing to shape public policy, debate issues and pass legislation. Your financial support will be used to strengthen the campaigns and leadership initiatives of progressive women.

What's at stake in Michigan? Year after year, our progressive policy proposals, sponsored by women legislators, are turned away. Electing more women to lead and serve will propel women to the table of power to grow our ecomony through investment in people and their well-being. 

Our priorities include:  

- High quality public education for all children

- Access to reproductive healthcare

- Equal Pay for Equal Work

- Earned Paid Sick Leave

- Affordable college

- Affordable healthcare, including community mental health services

Women will lead the way to enact these policies in Michigan. Can you help us get there?

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!