I believe Citizen voices matter. 

To tackle any issue facing the city, there needs to be a coalition between Citizens and city administration. I am running to be a public servant to the citizens.  I believe that in many election cycles, voters become apathetic because they feel left out of the process, or because they don’t feel heard. I want to listen. There are two types of politicians:  One that says vote for me and I’ll institute my ideas, and the second type who says elect me and we will do what the majority of the citizens feel their community needs. I am the second type. I mandate change.

Growth, traffic, water, taxes – these are real issues that need to be addressed. 

I have eight years experience as Mayor working with city council and administration, and two years of City Council experience. I know how to guide Snoqualmie through issues. We have a Sovereign Government with reservation lands as part of our community. The Snoqualmie Tribe has been here thousands of years; they need to be part of the discussion coalition as well.

Responsible growth is paramount. How to tackle growth? I believe you cannot “build your way out of debt” no matter how much development you allow. This results in needing more growth to pay for infrastructure repairs which past growth produced. This does not mean halt all growth, but rather, only grow responsibly. Ensuring any allowed growth is within the scope of what citizens want and need, and more importantly, ensure developers offer solutions to lessen and ease the impact growth brings, is responsible. For example: If future road overlays and repaving will be an issue, ensure developer money that comes with the project goes into a savings account to pay for that future repaving. Then, put any earned interest back into the general fund to help taxpayers.  Growth will always be an issue, and there is a better way to do it.

Water: Do we have enough? It seems we couldn’t water all the parks last summer. Water and sewer rates go up every year to maintain facilities and keep the water flowing, and yet large development projects which require water keep being approved. We need an outside agency to certify that we have and will continue to have a certified, sustainable source of water before approving any new projects.

I am not in favor of ever raising taxes, although I can’t guarantee it won’t ever happen. We are all feeling the tax pinch, especially as it pertains to the dramatic increase in property taxes in King County. Locally, it is time to examine our city budget to ensure all ‘the fat’ is eliminated. I favor re-prioritizing the budget after citizen collaboration in identifying community priorities.

And none of this can be done without improving City transparency. All City Council, Planning Commission, and Committee meetings should be made available to all, and streamed to local public access television, and made available online. Not everyone gets their information the same way. The City needs to get all information out to all citizens by using all available tools, including Social Media avenues, newspapers, TV, and local blogs, in a timely manner, so that our Citizens are in-the-know. Always.

Roads and Transit: A frustrating hot button for the majority of us, and rightly so. Whether you depend on the Highway 18 interchange, utilize Highway 202 for work and kids, or are part of the aging population where driving is not an option, transit can help our community and businesses simultaneously. Funding is available which allows cities to implement transit shuttle programs for little cost, from near home to the doctor, a restaurant, a local pharmacy or market, and home again – bringing patrons to and from our central city businesses. 

The more money that stays in the city, the better off we all are.

We have a lot of work in front of us. 

I have the experience.  

I am a collaborator.  

Have your voice be heard.

I’d be happy to discuss any and all issues in more depth and in person. 

Email me, Tweet me, or contact me on Facebook. 

~ Fuzzy


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