I've stepped up to run for office because I'm sick and tired of our Democratic candidates failing to reach out to those outside the Democratic base. For the last 17 elections Joe Barton has decimated his opponents in this race for US House. In recent elections our Democratic options have solely targeted Democratic voters. 

Before getting involved in politics, I was an activist. I've been heavily involved in efforts for Marriage Equality, Environmental causes, the fight to end Discriminatory policies against Minority communities. Simply put, I fight for justice where I see injustice. 

Throughout my recent efforts in the Democratic process, not only was I frustrated with our options for candidates but also by their lack of a winnable strategy. As a candidate I'll not only be a strong voice for the people, I'll be pushing a message that a majority, if not all, of the voters can agree with. This message has been to get money and corruption out of politics and elect a candidate who recognizes the struggles of the common citizen. With this message I've successfully been pulling votes away from my Republican opponent, laying the foundation to replacing him in 2018. 

I plan to be a strong voice, a champion, and a representative of the people. I will fight for Single Payer Healthcare, free Public Education for all, to increase the Minimum Wage to a livable Wage, to fight for an affordable higher Education, for Term Limits and to remove dark Money from our Political system. 

I thank you for your support. Your donation will go directly to the efforts of replacing a career politician who consistently fails to act in the interests of the people. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!