Candance Camper is getting ready for a good fight against Maxine Waters!

Potential Candidate for CA 43rd Congressional District, Primary (2018)

Candance Camper is a dynamic black woman, a natural leader, who is anxious to run for Congress against Maxine Waters—and WIN! But, first she needs our financial support to jumpstart her campaign and get in Maxine's face! She is trustworthy and capable of representing the interests of all citizens of the 43rd District. Many of us believe Maxine Waters must be defeated in 2018—and Candance is the woman to do it!

Candance is well-spoken and outspoken- and fearless, willing to fight for me and you in Washington D.C., and ready to take on the corrupt and powerful Maxine Waters, who resides in her upscale Highland Park mansion, far removed from the voters she represents. Candance knows Maxine actually resides in the “swamp” of the Washington elite and has watched Grandma Maxine as she’s basked for years in her power at the expense of her district. 

Candance asks, “What has Maxine done for you in 30 years?” Whether you're Black, Latino, Asian or White, Candance will work hard to make District 43rd a better place to live and raise your families. We can do so much better than Maxine!

It’s time to stop Maxine’s reign of corruption, her bragging about being an obstructionist to the Trump agenda, and time to silence her vocal tirades to impeach our President, whose Urban Renewal plan is actually targeted to help communities.

Candance is passionate and compassionate, an activist who loves America and cares about the issues that affect our daily lives, especially the issues of violence, homelessness and improving the economy. Her personal struggles have made her stronger and wiser, capable of taking the lead to improve local communities and service. Candance is a divorced mother of two adult sons who faces the challenges head on. Instead of letting the ups and downs of life make her bitter, Candance is proof that hard times can make us stronger, wiser, more vocal, and more sensitive to hurting people, which ultimately set her on a personal quest to seek real solutions to the difficult problems in our communities. 

Her father was a Vietnam veteran and she’s proud to be an American who loves her country, and stands on the principles that have made us strong. She believes our children need better and safer schools. She strongly believes the needs and interests of American citizens should come first before illegal immigrants. She does not support sanctuary cities (or a sanctuary state) and believes federal immigration laws should be upheld. 

Candance is educated, experienced and street smart—having spent 30 years as a finance professional with a degree in accounting, with a wide range of experience. Both parents taught her a strong work ethic and the importance of giving back to the community. 

Candance had a paper route at the age of 8 in her native Ohio and was a Candy Striper in the local hospital during her teen years. Candance says she switched from Democrat to Republican when she “woke up” to the realities of what party has the best policies and solutions for all Americans…especially the black communities.

Candance is currently a leading member of the American Black Coalition and the National Small Business Association Leadership Counsel, where she speaks with Congressional leaders and administrators regarding California small businesses. She is a registered contractor with the U.S. Federal Contractors, and can bid on federal contracts and grants.

Unlike Maxine Waters, Candance supports each of Trump’s initiatives for Urban Renewal: 1) Great Education Through School Choice; 2) Safe Communities; 3) Equal Justice Under the Law; 4) Tax Reforms to Create Jobs and Lift up People and Communities; 5) Financial Reforms to Expand Credit to Support New Job Creation; 6) Trade That Works for American Workers; 7) Protection from Illegal Immigration; 8) New Infrastructure Investment; 9) Protect the African-American Church; and 10) America First Foreign Policy. 

Candance needs your help to defeat Maxine Waters and bring back honesty and integrity to government. She’s fed up with corrupt politicians. She’s fed up with the hypocrisy of Maxine Waters. She’s fed up with the suffering and injustices in the 43rd Congressional District and throughout America! Your financial support can help send Candance to Washington D.C. to fight for us and bring new energy into District 43. 

Candance says in some ways she feels sorry for Grandma Maxine, who is really a "has-been" trying to hold onto her "power seat" in Congress when times have changed and we need new life and a fresh perspective. 

Candance wants to retire Grandma Maxine so she can take a long vacation with the money that has padded her pockets during the last 30 years of a do nothing, disappointing political career.

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September 10, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!