I'm running a grassroots campaign to unseat the tea-party incumbent that is working to take away rights from women, PoC, immigrants, LBGT and basically anyone who does not fit his narrow definition of people deserving equal rights and basic respect.

I represent the voice of the people of Arkansas State Senate District 35 and will fight for healthcare for all, free/inexpensive education and/or vocational training, a sustainable economy based upon progressive technology, and environmentally conscious jobs and infrastructure. Campaign finance reform and the repeal of Citizens United are very important to me personally, and to the people of Arkansas and the U.S. 

My educational background is local; I obtained both my Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Central Arkansas, located in the town where I now live. I am a licensed practitioner in the mental health field where I work as a therapist and psychological examiner in private practice. 

I grew up on a farm in the woods, and I'm a proud graduate of a rural, public high school. I understand small town values while also recognizing the benefit of progressive policies that help us provide for those most vulnerable to food insecurity and poverty: our children and our parents and grandparents. 

Please donate. Please tell your friends and family to donate to my campaign. Spread the word and help me change the backward direction my opponent is trying to take our state! Your support is greatly appreciated!

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    “I support Maureen Skinner for Arkansas State Senate because she is for all Arkansans.”

October 2, 2017

Nearing the count down! (just one year away)

November 6, 2018 is election day. My goal is to engage the voters of the district and GOTV. Please make sure you are registered. Help your friends and family get registered. See you on the campaign trail and at the polls!

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