For 25 years Dems have failed to defeat Peter King in the NY 2nd Congressional District-and previously, until 2013, the 3rd Congressional District. 

Some might argue that as I'm new to politics I should start local and check the normal boxes on my resume and then come back in a few years. 

But for 25 years, we've had candidates that checked the right boxes and every time they've lost-big 20 points, by 30 points, by 40 points. 

We can't afford another 30 point loss. This is zero hour for our country. We have a constitutional crisis as we don't know if the man in the Oval Office is legitimate or not. 

Some also might argue that we Democrats going into the 2018 elections shouldn't discuss Russia too much. 

'Just focus on things that matter to people's lives' they argue. 

Well, I'm sorry, but what matters more than the integrity of our democratic system of government itself. 

Don't get me wrong, I am running on what I think when you look at it, is a very progressive platform. 

I'm running on:

1. We have a low wage epidemic in this country and need a new New Deal to raise wages again. I don't say this academically, I personally have worked in this labor market and I know how tough it is out there. 

2. Medicaid for All Who Want it. We must defeat GOP attempts to kill Obamacare and take away the healthcare of millions. 

Once this is secure our next step is building on and improving the ACA. I believe the simplest and best way to do this at this point is the public option. A new government health insurance payer-call it Medicaid if you like-will offer health insurance to anyone who wants it. 

3. We must end voter suppression in our country. A big part of Trump's win was not so much getting out the vote as making sure the other side's vote stays home. Remember his thanking African Americans for not voting?

We must make sure that everyone can vote. That's basic to our civic society. There are many ways to achieve this. Same day voting, automatic voting to name a few. 

But all voter id laws and other voter suppression laws must end.

But as important as my platform is nothing is more precious than our democratic system of government. 

We must get to the bottom of what happened in that election. We know Russia interfered. The only question is did the Trump campaign collude in that interference? 

To answer this question we need a real investigation. Mueller is doing a good job. But the GOP Congress is waffling. They are wasting time investigating Hillary's emails for the umpteenth time. They are refusing to have a full Select Committee as they held for Whitewater or Benghazi and when they do have hearings it's behind closed doors. 

That won't cut it. This must be done in public. To have confidence in this investigation the public won't accept a fait accompli. We must have public hearings. 

Only a Democratic House will get us there. 

So if you agree with me that we have a Constitutional crisis in our country and only a Democratic Congress can get to the bottom of it, then please ride with us Aboard the Impeachment Train with Mike Sax NY2. All the way to Washington DC. 

Choo choo chooooo!

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