As a born and raised Wisconsinite, I understand the need for principles, steadfastness and personal integrity. As an outsider from the private sector, I know the value of collaboration, innovation and honesty. That's why I'm running as an independent candidate for the 5th district's senate seat here in Wisconsin. As State Senator Leah Vukmir sets her sights on Tammy Baldwin's seat in the US Senate, it's the perfect time to introduce new, unbiased, non-partisan leadership to the state Senate. As an independent, I will be able to prioritize common sense reform, Wisconsin's families and workforce without having to consider party politics or high dollar donor demands. I will work for you and only you.

As more and more individuals break away from the two party stranglehold on our democracy, they need a candidate who can offer real leadership and answer questions honestly. I am running my campaign on small, individual donations so that, when I am elected, I can continue to be honest with you.  I will have no promises to keep except the ones I make to you and no debts except to the people of the 5th district. 

Personal integrity and honesty are cornerstones of my personal life and they will be the guiding lights of my time in office. No frills, no empty promises, no more politics-as-usual. We simply can't afford it.

The irony is, this isn't about politics.  The people of Wisconsin need an effective, unbiased advocate who will stand up for their needs first and foremost.  The major political parties spend millions to convince us that they still represent us, but it doesn't take long to see how out of touch they are. Now, it's your turn to lead.  Elect me to the Wisconsin senate and let's try something new.

  • Keep Wisconsin's dollars in Wisconsin.
  • Advocate for a unicameral legislature.
  • Invest in long term solutions rather than short term band-aids.
  • Prioritize teachers and students and incentivize learning over test results.
  • Roll back Wisconsin's 160,000 current business regulations while prioritizing environmental protection and worker safety.
  • Pay off Wisconsin's debt and curb out-of-control spending.
  • Common sense drug reform.
  • Fight opioid addiction through realistic means.
  • End partisan gerrymandering.
  • Return Wisconsin's surplus money to the taxpayers.  

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    “A new voice in the Senate, with Independent view points.”

November 1, 2017

Bumper Sticker Confusion?


It's come to my attention that some of you who have donated have not received your bumper sticker yet!  If you haven't, please e-mail me your address and I will send a new one. 

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Joe Zwier

October 4, 2017

Update 1

As of today, 10/04/2017, I am officially a declared candidate for Wisconsin State Senate!  

September 19, 2017

Campaign created!

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    “A new voice in the Senate, with Independent view points.”

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