I am the CEO of a global startup company with operations in the US and Canada. We are partnered with Microsoft and Amazon and I have been a thought leader in the IT world for 15 years.  

Rep. Hartzler, my opponent has ignored the people of her district and attacked members of the military, by convincing Trump to go back on his campaign promise where he told the entire GOP Convention that he would do everything he could to protect transgender people. The assault on the LGBT community continues as Hartzler has introduced HR 2796, the Civil Rights Uniformity Act which will "gender" and "gender identity" from all federal, state, and local jurisdictions. Today, 19 states offer protection for transgender people.

Between 25 and 40% of children live in poverty. Meanwhile Hartzler has done nothing to address this issue. As your next Congresswoman, I would introduce legislation for a New Deal for Rural America consisting of several programs designed to solve poverty. The program's main goal is to get more working families to obtain property whether that be a house, small business, or startup farm. Startup farms will focus on sustainable agriculture and will be implemented in two ways: 1) Startup loans for farms 2) Federal government backed reverse mortgage loan allowing farmers with several thousand acres to offload 40 acre parcels in exchange for not having to pay capital gains on the property that is transferred.

I will also introduce Rural Business Innovation Centers (RBIC's) which are designed to provide the infrastructure necessary to help people start a business.

I will warn you. I am not the most conservative Republican in the race. I am tough on immigration, tough on crime, and I support the 2nd Amendment.

On the other side of the spectrum, I support single payer healthcare, civil rights, diversity, and access to public services for all Americans.

I do not believe that the government has the authority to control our bodies either during pre-natal, transition or end of life and that such control is unacceptable.

As one of the many transgender candidates running across the country, I represent diversity. Diversity is very important to compete in the global economy.

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September 19, 2017

Campaign created!

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