Nick Thomas is proud to be a life-long Coloradan. He was born in Boulder, spending his summers in Grand Lake and Estes Park, and his winters in Breckenridge. He later attended CSU in Fort Collins, earning a dual-degree. Nick was elected as a a Student Senator, then appointed the Interim Director of Student Services. He proudly calls himself both a Ram and a Buff due to his upbringing. This theme, of consistently straddling two separately perceived worlds, has continued throughout his life.

Nick expanded his understanding of social issues and best practices in community building during his travels to nearly 70 countries across the globe. He earned an International MBA from Hult Business School and an MA in Diplomacy & International Studies from DU’s Josef Korbel School. He has worked in everything from government, to education, to non-profits, to business, including airshows with Oracle’s Sean Tucker.

Nick has collaborated with tech startups such as StQry, Dash Tickets, and Boulder’s Unreasonable Institute. He has also helped start several small businesses, from a video production company to the family real estate and property management business with locations across the state. More than anything, his passion is service: service to his community, to the great state of Colorado, and to the United States.

In all cases, Nick has focused on serving the people themselves, rather than the institutions or leadership. He has built his work around citizen diplomacy. He is an Eagle Scout, a member of U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, a Rotarian, a Freemason, a Semester at Sea alumni, a 2015 Shafik Gabr Fellow, an OFA Fellow, a 2008 U.S. Congressional Youth Ambassador to South Korea, and a pilot. Nick also served as an Intern and Aide to Senator Ron Tupa in 2007 through 2008, was a member of the CSU College Republicans and was the 2017 Colorado State Democratic Dinner VOG.

Nick was raised in a family of public servants and international peacebuilders. His maternal great-grandparents founded American Youth Hostels (HI-USA; previously AYH), during the rise of Nazi Germany, in order to bring the youth of the world together for mutual understanding. His paternal grandparents worked with the Quakers to build a relationship with the Chinese in the McCarthy era. They formed the National Committee on U.S. China Relations, leveraging “Ping-Pong Diplomacy” to re-open the borders after 35 years. They were also deeply entrenched in the Civil Rights Movement, from marching with Ambassador Andrew Young in the first Selma March to supporting Mrs. Coretta Scott King in building the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. Carrying forward their passion for humanity in the face of adversity, Nick strives to work with people from across the spectrum of an issue, to carry forth the best collective solution.

Today, having spent years working both in Colorado and in D.C., he has come to the realization that our political society has reached a horrific point of toxicity – partisanship bordering on tribalism. Politicians, on BOTH sides of the aisle, no longer seem to stand for something but instead are more focused on standing against the other side. There has never been a more critical point in our lifetimes to create an alternative, build a new narrative and blaze a new path forward. We need to work toward common ground, rather than continuing to descend into chaos.

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