I will stand up for Minnesota families, farmers, and laborers. If I'm elected I will write legislation to ensure Minnesotans receive healthcare as a right, tuition free college, job creation in green energy fields including more solar and wind energy, subsidies for small family farms, a fair tax reform where everyone pays their fair share of taxes by closing tax loopholes and increasing taxes for those that make $250,000 or more, and a better transportation, water, and broadband infrastructure package. I will also fight for legalization of marijuana for recreation and medical use, and ensuring our lakes, rivers, and environment are clean. 

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December 9, 2018

We need your help. Please donate

We created a progressive grassroots campaign, that fought very hard up to November. We lost the DFL Primaries by about 190 votes against the establishment DFL and union endorsed candidate.  We spread the progressive word about a livable wage, single payer healthcare, tuition free public college education, and fixing our crumbling road and bridges infrastructure.

We had to take out loans to remain competitive with the other candidates. We purchased postcards, literature, lists, infrastructure for phone banking and text banking, promotions for phone bank help, ads, etc.  We need to try to cover those loans before the campaign finance report is due at the end of the month, so we can close the book on this chapter, and campaign for Minnesota State Senate in 2020.  Unfortunately these loans have added a lot financial stress on myself and my family.

If you’re able to donate any amount ($5, $15, $25 or more), anything will help. 

Mail a check to Brian Abrahamson 

810 N Cedar St Luverne, MN 56156

Or by PayPal at babrahamson@brianabrahamsonforhouse.com

October 6, 2018

Brian Abrahamson believes the survivors!!

With Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Minnesota needs a State Representative that will stand up for the women’s right to choose. The DFL’s Candidate has not voiced his concern, and the republican incumbent follows Trump’s playbook. Our independent grassroots campaign has voiced concern of Kavanaugh’s confirmation ever since Trump announced his endorsement. Brian Abrahamson was Endorsed by #VoteProChoice and Planned Parenthood of  Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We will fight for the survivors, and women’s rights everywhere. 

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Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!