I’ve seen the value of stepping up my whole life. Both of my parents were FBI agents for over 20 years. When you have people like that as your role models, loyalty, bravery, and integrity become your way of life.

Until now, my way of serving has been through working to understand our planet and how we can live with it, including the dangerous parts like volcanoes and earthquakes. I give back by helping educate the next generation of scientists: young women and men from all backgrounds who will be the innovators, educators, and conservationists of the future.

I was moved to step out of my work boots and into the race for Congress because people like Donald Trump and Steve Knight are threatening that future by destroying some of the most basic things we all agree are important. Education, scientific research, disaster preparedness, critical infrastructure, national parks, and wildlife are all under assault.

Our economy thrives when we invest in our people and our planet. Trump and Knight both deny the science of climate change, which impacts our economy, health and way of life. Their attacks on immigrant families, women’s rights and health care coverage are offensive and damaging to the most vulnerable people in our society.

Trump and Knight are failing to deal with important issues like cybersecurity, senior care, and disability justice that will only become more important in the years ahead. I’m working to win the job of representing the people I care about and the places I love, because everyone should have a bright today and a brilliant tomorrow.

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    “We need an honest, smart, down to earth person to represent us in Washington!”

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    “We need more scientists in public office, and less life-long politicians.”

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    “Scientific knowledge must be brought to politics. No mkre corruption! Fact based policy.”

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    “Scientists in government! She seems like a great person and shares many of my interests. You got this.”

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    “Scientists will make better public policy because they understand the risks we face from climate change & other resource related issues. They also know science illiteracy when they hear it and can stop the assault on logic and reason in public policy making.”

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    “Jess is real, authentic, and determined to make our nation better. She's running a campaign that gives me hope in our country's future. She's the best candidate running for office in CA-25! We need her progressive values in Congress.”

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    “We need more evidence based policy making!”

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    “We need more science in policy making.”

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    “As a mechanical engineer , I can fully appreciate the lack of scientific knowledge that currently resides in Washington. Go Jess!!!”

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    “The level of science literacy amongst our lawmakers is shockingly low, which is detrimental in a technologically advanced nation. We need representatives like Jess who can be introduce and support legislation supported by scientific evidence and not just special interests.”

November 13, 2017

New Star Trek Videos

Hey Folks,

First of all, great day today. We passed $14k raised on CROWDPAC and we're close to 100 endorsements. 

We need to hit $35k on this site by the end of November, so please contribute if you can, or pass this link around to friends who would be interested in Jess's message and mission. 

Now, to Trek. 

We started this particular fundraising drive with a video that included Jess and Tim Russ - Jess now correctly uses thumbs out on the Vulcan Salute. 

We've fallen a bit behind in follow-up videos, so now you get THREE new pieces that have Jess chatting with Bob Picardo and John Billingsley (great banter in the videos). 

Check out all of the Trek videos here.

We hope to do several more of these as the campaign moves forward, so we'll keep you informed as new ones come along. 

Thanks for joining us on this journey, we couldn't have made it this far without you.


Peter Hinga (Campaign Manager)

p.s. shout out to Tanner and my buddy Darren for volunteering their time to put these videos together - this campaign is a solid group effort.  

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