I don't need to tell you that our country is a mess.  You can feel the divisiveness and negativity that has sadly covered America like a dark cloud.  That tone has been set by those at the very top of our government. They're completely out of touch with our citizens, and they're not even trying to fake it anymore.  

Honestly, most of these "representatives" have no idea about the struggles we face, because they haven't lived them. These are people that have been in the insulated bubble of your State Capitol or Washington DC their entire adult lives.  They make policy based upon hypotheticals of what they think life is like for us.

Isn't it time for that to change?  Don't we deserve representatives in government who actually understand what its like to raise a family in 2017?  Who then could possibly be better than a Mom to go to Washington DC to represent us?  

I'm running for Congress because I know the challenges we face, and I refuse to let one more moment go by without our government addressing them. No longer should we feel as "ordinary" citizens that we are shut out of the political process. 


I was born in Melbourne, Florida to Terry and Jeanne Herold, both natives of Northeast Ohio.  We moved back home when I was 4.  I spent my childhood in Berea and Olmsted Falls where I attended St. Mary's for grade school, and for swam multiple different swim clubs with my siblings Julie and Tyler.

I graduated from Padua Franciscan High School in 2003.  It was there where I met my husband, Rob, while we both were leading a retreat.  From there, we both headed off to Bowling Green State University.  I graduated from BG in 2007 with a degree in Applied Health Science.  I was admitted in the graduate program at the University of Toledo where I obtained my Doctorate of Occupational Therapy in 2010, shortly before I married Rob later that summer. We bought our first home in Strongsville, where we continue to reside.

I've had the opportunity to work in numerous settings as an Occupational Therapist.  I started my career working at The Cleveland Clinic where I specialized in working with patients recovering from Neurological Procedures.  From there, I worked for the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities with the "Help Me Grow."  This vital programs works with parents of children ages 3 and under who may have a developmental delay.  Currently I work in telehealth where I treat children who attend school online.  In addition, I've had the opportunity to work as an adjunct educator for Cleveland State for their Occupational Therapy Program.

Political Philosophy

I believe that it is a representative's job to connect with their constituents and advocate on their behalf.  While I may have my own set of beliefs, it is my job to gage the people of the 16th district and vote on behalf of their will.  I intend on utilizing the power of social media to ensure that my constituents have the ability to connect with me, and make their voices heard.

Aligning with the Democratic Party

In 2016, I ran as a Republican for the Ohio House of Representatives.  It rather quickly became clear that the Ohio GOP was not very welcoming to a young, female attempting to change the tone within the party.  I re-examined where I stood on the issues, and decided that I was wrong in my assessment that my beliefs matched up with the Ultra Conservative Republican Party of this era.  Instead, I've decided to run as a Democrat-the true "Big Tent" Party.

Legislative Priorities

Jobs & The Economy: Ohio's jobs growth rate is anemic.  The Governor himself said The State was on the verge of recession.  Congress needs to commit to pro-growth policies which empower small business owners to thrive in our communities.

Unions: My father is a longtime Union Man.  I held a leadership in a union while working for Cuyahoga County.  I successfully fought for paid leave for my fellow members.  We need to continue protect our Unions and workers rights from assaults from The Right.

Healthcare: The Affordable Care Act is not perfect - but no bill is.  Republican Partisanship needs to cease and a bi-partisan effort needs to examine ways we can improve upon what is already in place.  A good start - bringing to the table those who have worked in healthcare and using their experience to drive further change.

Education: Teachers need to be released from the restrictions of "teaching to the test".  Teachers are amongst the brightest and most creative minds we have in America.  We need to allow them to put their talents to use to benefit our children

Student Loan Debt: This is our country's next economic bubble, and not nearly enough people are paying attention.  We need to immediately find more creative ways to help these young professionals to pay off their debt, or risk putting the economy back on the brink of recession.

Climate Change and Our Great Lakes: We are fortunate to live next to one of the largest bodies of fresh water in North America.  However, we've seen the effects of carelessly protecting it - each summer with the algae bloom.  It is imperative that we continue to fund the protection of Lake Erie and put forth policy which protects the environment.

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