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Independent progressive Lee McQueen is working hard for the opportunity to represent the people of Arkansas's 4th District in Washington, D.C. with a Future Arkansas platform:

  • Single payer healthcare
  • Free college tuition
  • Affordable housing
  • $15 minimum wage tied to inflation
  • Responsible businesses and strong tax base
  • Renewable energy development and infrastructure modernization
  • Safety and security with respect for civil liberties
  • Foreign policy with respect for human rights
  • Integrity and trust in the election process and active civic engagement

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$33 Go 4th to the Future!

$43 Let’s Run for Congress!

Checks & money orders to to McQueen4Congress, P.O. Box 3414, Texarkana, TX, 75504.

"Let's Run for Congress!"

With appreciation,

Lee McQueen

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    “I support Lee McQueen because she is the most knowledgeable candidate (including the incumbent) for Arkansas House District 4. Lee is knows about a wide variety of issues, speaks well on then, and is prepared to join Congress right now. She is up-to-date on legislation currently introduced in the house.”

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    “I support Lee McQueen because she says straight out that she supports progressive issues.”

May 16, 2018

McQueen’s ballot access petition lacks sufficient valid signatures

May 9, 2018

McQueen’s, ballot access petition lacks sufficient signatures

Lee McQueen, Independent challenger for Arkansas’s 4th District U.S. House seat has received official notification from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office that her ballot access petition lacks sufficient signatures for her to be certified as a candidate for the November 6, 2018 election.

However, a large number of progressive candidates for U.S. House who support platforms similar to McQueen’s do remain active, continuing their advance towards nationwide policies that benefit a majority of Arkansans.

McQueen wishes to acknowledge and thank the volunteers and financial contributors who assisted her campaign for progressive policies such as single payer healthcare; affordable education and housing; living wage jobs; safety and security respecting civil liberties; foreign policy respecting human rights; and election integrity.

McQueen also thanks the diverse venues that allowed registered voters the opportunity to use the power of their signatures to support the concept of political independence, and the candidate willing to represent actual people and issues rather than political parties and corporate donors.

Arkansas benefits from increased democracy rather than less democracy.

To this end, McQueen supports automatic restoration of voting rights to citizens who have made restitution for past mistakes and the constitutional right of the people of Arkansas to petition for ballot initiatives. She also supports the international gold standard of election procedure including paper balloting, exit polling, hand counting, plus automatic recounts of less than 2% difference in voting totals.

March 19, 2018

McQueen officially listed as a candidate with AR Secretary of State

Thank you to all who have contributed to McQueen4Congress in order to send progressive policies like single payer healthcare to Washington,
DC. Please see Lee McQueen's official listing at:

Lee McQueen is actively campaigning, fighting for a full platform of
progressive issues to place on the federal ballot. She has traveled

However, rather than pose for photo ops with party leaders, PAC
bundlers, and political operatives, McQueen listens directly to the
concerns of residents, citizens, voters about major corporate parties
and their very unfortunate hostility towards independent voices,
progressive policies, and people power.

Your grassroots support and faith and investment made it possible
for Lee McQueen to not only travel District 4 and speak one-on-one to
the people of the district, she also generated a surprising amount of
media focus.

Certain figures would like to pretend independent candidates do not
exist and progressive policies are fairy tales. But McQueen refuses to
let that happen! Even if she has to visit newsrooms in person and place
press releases directly into editor and reporter's hands.

However, McQueen still needs your help in order to travel the final third of the District--the Ozarks.

For online, electronic, and credit card donors, we prefer CrowdPac . The reason being that CrowdPac is specifically customized for political causes which streamlines FEC compliance.

We also accept check and money order donations to: McQueen4Congress, P.O. Box 3414, Texarkana, TX, 75504

Sincerest thank yous to everyone! We could not continue campaigning across District 4 without you!

Together we can go beyond Tuesday May 1st all the way to Tuesday November 6th and to Washington, DC!

"Let's Run for Congress!"

March 19, 2018

Lee McQueen officially listed as an AR-04 candidate with AR Sec of State

Independent candidates have a different path towards ballot access,
which may  cause confusion amongst certain websites that track elections.

To clarify: Lee McQueen is officially listed as a candidate for Arkansas's 4th District House seat with the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office. Details at the AR SoS's  link below:

Lee McQueen Candidate Information

Asan independent candidate, McQueen is required to provide 2000 valid signatures to the Arkansas Secretary of State by May 1st in order to remain on the ballot for the general election, November 6th.

Signature gathering is currently underway, as the campaign strives to meet the Secretary of State's requirements.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support!

February 25, 2018


Your contributions, support, belief, & optimism got Lee McQueen there–PINE BLUFF, HOT SPRINGS, ARKADELPHIA, HOPE, TEXARKANA, CAMDEN, MAGNOLIA, EL DORADO!

McQueen attended the Grand Opening of Bee Line, M A R D I G R A S celebration time in TEXARKANA. She provided updates on the McQueen2018 campaign for AR-04 House seat,  took questions, collected ballot signatures, and shared campaign literature.

We also greatly enjoyed our recent visit to PINE BLUFF, participating in an education policy discussion at UA-Pine Bluff, and hope to return very soon!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful people we met in Pine Bluff at the university, college, newspaper, senior center, library, church, EVERYWHERE who offered to volunteer, contribute to, and support this independent, progressive campaign for Arkansas’s District 4.

Garland County Library in HOT SPRINGS is a wonderful, vibrant contributor to culture & community. We enjoyed the librarians, the people, the programming, especially Little Rock 9 Storytelling with Linda Gorham!

We followed a night of jazz at Garland County Library with open mic poetry at Koffee Kollective, also in HOT SPRINGS, where McQueen explained her main reason for publicly declaring herself a candidate in Arkansas’s District 4 House race on 10/02/2017–single payer healthcare.

We wish to thank Brianna Fricks, Black Student Association, and Henderson University for inviting McQueen as guest speaker at the State of the Black Union Conference in ARKADELPHIA.

McQueen sincerely appreciated the opportunity to hold forth on issues of the day, concerns that affect most of us, and positive steps for the future.

Henderson University alumni have every reason to be proud of the new generation of Millenials striving towards excellence in academia.

 McQueen participated in discussions regarding Farm-to-School [F2S] partnerships that link two extremely important issues in the state of Arkansas–Education & Agriculture. Much appreciation for the education and the opportunities to participate in discussions with experts in both fields in TEXARKANA.

Thank you EL DORADO for the opportunity to participate in the celebration of African American Friends & Family Day! Independent House candidate Lee McQueen made the full triangle also visiting CAMDEN and MAGNOLIA on an event-filled Saturday to greet as many residents as possible and to pick up additional signatures for ballot access. We appreciate each opportunity to educate and be educated on important issues for Arkansas’s District 4.

McQueen filed with the FEC, September 28, 2017, and declared herself a candidate for Arkansas’s District 4 House seat publicly on October 2, 2017.  She has worked hard to campaign and get the word out for progressive causes ever since.

McQueen needs 2000 valid signatures to qualify for ballot access. Please help McQueen to continue the battle for ballot access all the way to the Thursday March 1, 2018 filing deadline in order to put progressive causes such as single payer healthcare, free college tuition, $15 minimum wage tied to inflation, etc on the federal ballot for Tuesday November 6, 2018.


Thank you!
Lee McQueen & McQueen4Congress

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

February 18, 2018

Your contributions helped us to travel Arkansas's District 4!!!


Your contributions, support, belief, & optimism got Lee McQueen there--PINE

Please help Lee McQueen to continue the battle for ballot access all the way to Thu March 1st filing deadline.

The Future of Arkansas Belongs to ALL.

"Let's Run for Congress!"

January 28, 2018

January update on Lee McQueen's campaign for AR-04

Because of supporter generosity during the previous financial quarter, Lee McQueen and McQueen4Congress had sufficient means to print campaign literature for the sole Independent progressive candidate for Congress in Arkansas's District 4 to share at a multitude of events in the Texarkana region. Your campaign donations make travel and printing for this Future Arkansas campaign and platform possible.

McQueen carried campaign literature on single payer healthcare, Medicare for All, free college tuition, $15 minimum wage, an end to the Drug War to Little Rock to share at the Women's March. At the state capitol, McQueen broadcasted the sole progressive campaign for Arkansas's District 4 because the paper of record, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, refused to provide equal coverage and publicity to McQueen that this paper provided to her opponents. Also, McQueen's travel to Little Rock ensured statewide recognition of the political and economic relevance of southwestern Arkansas, the ArkLaTex, and the Texarkana region which is often overlooked.

Hard work, time, and energy ensure that McQueen continues to overcome separate and unequal campaign coverage by mainstream media. In fact, McQueen recently received full article coverage by The Bern Report and a brief mention in Arkansas Times. She has received endorsements by progressive organizations and leaders. Social media point guards have been instrumental in spreading knowledge that 92% of Arkansas's voters chose to register themselves as "unaffiliated," meaning that McQueen has already aligned herself as an Independent candidate with 92% of Arkansas's voters. While District 4 appears relatively conservative, beneath the surface, McQueen finds strong leanings towards populism and libertarianism that surprise many who do not live here. Ballot petitioning is a key method to have one-on-one interactions with the voting electorate. Information is power. Therefore, an informed voter is a powerful voter.…/state-party-registration_n…

McQueen makes strategic use of a shoestring budget funded by grassroots supporters who recognize the need for a progressive voice in Congress. Supporters invest in the McQueen4Congress campaign, an average of $23, in order to "Make Lee Competitive" to continue ballot petitioning and to share the message that regressive voting by the current congressman, obstruction, status quo sloganeering, saying anything and doing nothing are unacceptable. An Arkansas for All means free healthcare, free education, affordable housing, living wages for a full day's work, shared prosperity, strong regional economies, and safe communities.

Therefore, McQueen4Congress accepts no corporate donations or PAC money. PEOPLE COME BEFORE PROFITS. All the way through to Tuesday November 6, 2018, McQueen will put in the hard work of voter education and outreach, time, and energy. She will travel Arkansas's District 4 to clearly explain the meaning of "progressive" to those who have received inaccurate definitions from major party candidates who will say anything to win, but do nothing beyond culture war in order to avoid actual economic progress. Progressive doesn't mean left. Progressive doesn't mean right. Progressive means F O R W A R D. McQueen's positions are specific and clear.

Please contribute $3, $13, $23, $33, $43 to the sole progressive campaign and candidate for Arkansas's District 4 House seat who takes instructions from actual voters of the district rather than major party bosses, party leaders, and their corporate donors.

You can help create a Future Arkansas for All! Please sign the ballot petition. Please contribute. Please spread the word on social media. McQueen looks forward to meeting the voters of Arkansas, District 4.

"Let's Run for Congress!"

January 28, 2018

Thank you, Black Women in Politics!

THANK YOU to for including me in this important database, celebrating the high public service expectations that Black women have of themselves and each other.

I am extremely excited to participate in civic engagement for Arkansas's District 4.

We are hundreds strong for 2018, and I am proud to be one of many challenging the status quo.

Arkansas moves forward. We don't go back. And we don't stand still.

We Go 4th to the Future!

"Lets Run for Congress!"

December 13, 2017

Long Shot Progressive Candidates Beating the Odds in Red Districts/States

We at McQueen4Congress are seeing a wave of progressive candidates hurdling both the right-wing and the neo-liberal obstacles placed in front of (1) the Fight for $15 minimum wage, (2) single payer healthcare, (3) free college tuition, (4) an end to the Drug War and mass incarceration, and (5) an end to military intervention as a jobs program rather than infrastructure revitalization and renewable energy development.

The trend we're seeing from this election season is a clear desire for forward motion. Not backward motion. Not standing still, say anything do nothingism. FORWARD motion. Progressive politics and the candidates who support those progressive issues are winning long-shot races in conservative districts across the nation.

The time is now! The day is today!

We want a Congress that votes to allocate resources towards support of public schools, for affordable housing, for dignity and equality and respect for women in all arenas. These are not partisan issues. These are FORWARD, progressive issues.

I am running a grassroots campaign for Congress as an Independent because no party boss will tell me to "run to the center" and sell out the people of Arkansas's District 4. No House leader will tell me to quiet my voice on single payer healthcare. No tyranno-megasaurous corporation will threaten my campaign funding because I point out their egregious behavior towards people, planet, and peace in favor of profit.

McQueen4Congress receives no corporate or PAC funding.We thank those hard-working individuals who have made contributions to this most exciting campaign in this most exciting time in electoral politics. We thank you!

We still need continued support to ensure access to the ballot for the multitude of progressive issues Lee McQueen is determined to bring to the U.S. House of Representatives on behalf of Arkansas's District 4. She needs 2000 valid signatures to achieve ballot access.

Help Lee McQueen get on the ballot by contributing to the sole grassroots, progressive, machine-free campaign in Arkansas's District 4. We can win in Arkansas! Even when the going is tough, even as a long shot, even as the underdog, we say that we can win! The days of "running to the center" triangulation strategy are over! Middle of the road, status quo, say anything do nothingism are OVER!

Life moves forward and so does Future Arkansas!

Arkansas is ready and we've seen this with medical cannabis, solar energy development, free college tuition in certain regions, and the strong registration numbers of unaffiliated Arkansas voters.

Please invest in the McQueen4Congress campaign, a new Congress for 2018, and a Future Arkansas for All!

$3 Get Lee started! $13 Put Lee on the Road! $23 Make Lee competitive! $33 Go 4th to the Future! $43 Let’s Run for Congress!

November 8, 2017

Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Townhall, Texarkana Public Library, Thu Dec 7th 5:30pm

Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Townhall Thursday December 7th, 5:30--7:30pm Texarkana Public Library

Independent candidate for Arkansas's 4th Congressional District Lee McQueen invites Texarkana and surrounding communities of District 4 to learn the specifics of Representative John Conyers's H.R. 676 Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act of 2017.

November 3, 2017

Meet Independent Candidate Lee McQueen @ Texarkana Public Library Thu Nov 9th 5:30--7:30pm

Lee McQueen invites you to a meet and greet to discuss her Bernie Sanders-style candidacy, the campaign platform, issues affecting Arkansas's 4th district, current U.S. House legislation.

5:30pm Refreshments 6:00pm Lee speaks 6:30-7:30pm Lee takes questions

"Let's Run for Congress!"

Free and open to the public.

Campaign created!

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  • endorsed

    “I support Lee McQueen because she is the most knowledgeable candidate (including the incumbent) for Arkansas House District 4. Lee is knows about a wide variety of issues, speaks well on then, and is prepared to join Congress right now. She is up-to-date on legislation currently introduced in the house.”

  • endorsed

    “I support Lee McQueen because she says straight out that she supports progressive issues.”