After graduating from Missouri University of Science & Technology in 2006, I came home to St. Louis with the skill set of recognizing flaws in systems & processes for improvement. After visiting my high school and traveling through my old neighborhoods, God revealed to me many of the problems that were afflicting the neighborhoods WE call home. Unfortunately, I did not see many solutions. So I began my journey to learn about the systems and processes that have led St. Louis to become what it is today.

In Engineering Management, the word S.Y.S.T.E.M. is an acronym for Save Yourself Some Time, Energy, and Money. When we look at the systems of St. Louis, we have to ask ourselves WHO is saving time, energy, and money with our current school & education systems, our current justice & prison systems, and our current economic & political systems? The truth is that many of our systems in America are failing us.

I have been blessed to teach & serve in schools and after-school programs, work for non-profits, organize political campaigns, challenge city & county ballot issues, mentor youth, serve behind the scenes in the church & the streets during Ferguson, assist in creating alternatives to homelessness, and be mentored by many of the great leaders of St. Louis. I am not a politician, but I know politics.

I understand many of the adversities we face in St. Louis. My family personally has been affected by the health epidemics of drug abuse and gun violence. I have seen the increase in violence, unemployment, lack of resources, and missed opportunities to bridge the gap between the county & city while our schools and neighborhoods are treated as an afterthought.

When elected, I will continue to work with community & grassroots organizations to provide a community-engaged cure for the economic & health epidemics of poverty and violence through education, support new industries to increase jobs, and ensure all Americans have affordable healthcare & a living wage.

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