Democrats swept hundreds of seats this November, giving us the momentum we need to take back Congress in 2018. 

The resistance has turned into a revolution, and we’re just getting started - next up, there is a critical election happening in Alabama this December. 

The election is to fill Trump-crony Jeff Sessions’s U.S. Senate Seat. Republicans currently have a three-seat advantage over Democrats in the Senate, and reducing that to two could matter tremendously when it comes to blocking harmful legislation. As we’ve seen these past few months, one less Republican vote is the difference between revoking the Affordable Care Act or a devastating new tax code. 

And Democrat Doug Jones is LEADING -- albeit by a slim margin -- in the polls. We need your help to give him the momentum he needs to win.

Roy Moore, the Republican candidate, is one of the most dangerous far-right candidates to ever win a Republican primary -- and that’s saying a lot. Here’s just a glimpse:

  • Moore believes homosexuality should be illegal. And when the same-sex marriage ban was struck down in early 2015, Moore upheld it anyway.
  • Moore has ties to white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens, which is known for influencing Dylann Roof. He is endorsed by Steve Bannon, though even Donald Trump -- who endorsed Moore’s more moderate opponent in the primaries -- initially found his platform too radical.
  • Moore supported Trump’s Muslim ban. He also opposes Muslims holding seats in Congress and has said that religious liberty belongs only to Christians.
  • Moore claimed that the 9/11 attacks occurred because of God’s anger that “we legitimize sodomy.” 
  • Moore has no regard for the rule of law; he has been kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court bench on two separate occasions, for failing to comply with the law.
  • And finally, there is ample evidence that Moore is a pedophile who has sexually preyed upon and abused teenage girls. 

The Democratic candidate Doug Jones, on the other hand, is a wonderful candidate and former Attorney General, who valiantly stands up for civil rights, healthcare, college affordability, climate change legislation, and more. He is best known as the prosecutor who got justice for four little girls who were murdered when KKK members bombed their church in Birmingham. 

If we win in Alabama -- a deep red state that a Democrat hasn’t won in decades -- we can win anywhere.

When we started working on this a few months ago, most people assumed that Alabama was a lost cause, so they didn’t bother trying. But with scant support and bare-bones resources, Jones has already far exceeded expectations, recently taking the lead in the polls. Imagine what he could do with more support! This race is neck and neck -- and YOU could help put him over the edge. 

It's a moral imperative that we seize this unique opportunity to make a difference, doing everything we can to keep Roy Moore as far away from power as possible. 

This isn’t just about Alabama, it’s about our whole nation. 

Are you in? 

More about us: 

We’re a band of digital campaigners and creatives who believe that our job -- all of our jobs -- is to make the impossible possible. Led by an Alabamian with a long and successful history of advocating for “impossible” things, we’ve brought together digital strategists, creatives and messaging gurus to support this meaningful cause and make history. Join us!

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    “I don't support pedophiles or adopt the "good ole boy" mentality, Moore is a danger to our constitution”

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    “I support this campaign not just because I am repulsed by Roy Moore and everything he stands for, but because Doug Jones is a genuinely inspiring, honorable candidate who would make a terrific addition to the Senate.”

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    “I am so impressed with the spirit and determination of Alabama folks, in particular Anna Jane Joyner. Moore must not be their representative - NO MORE MOORE!”

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    “I endorse this campaign fully - the fine folks of Alabama are working hard to make sure that they are safe in their own state and I am fully on board.”

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    “Roy Moore is a dangerous man hiding behind religous self righteousness. He must be defeated.”

January 23, 2018

When we show up, we win.

We did it, y’all. Just over a month ago, we flipped Alabama blue! And you, yes you, were a big part of this historic win.

Together, we raised over $5,000 in just one week. This generous grassroots support went to fueling the efforts of Woke Vote to get out the vote amongst millennial, African-American voters in Alabama —a critical demographic in this election.

Woke Vote worked on every historically black college and university in Alabama and committed more than 10,000 students to vote. In addition, more than 270 canvassers knocked on more than 14,000 doors the Sunday before the election, committing 6,000 voters on that day alone.

Eternal gratitude for showing up, and for believing in Alabama.

Cheers to making more miracles happen in 2018,

Anna Jane Joyner

P.S. You can read more about the great work of Woke Vote here.

Campaign created!

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