Hi, I'm Kayser Enneking. I am a physician, an educator, a leader and a mom. I know we can do this better, and that is why I am running for the State Senate.

Florida lost an estimated $5.9 billion (with a B) dollars in 2016 when our State legislature voted against Medicaid expansion. I am running against one of those legislators. In our district, Medicaid expansion would have meant more access to health care, and more jobs. Medicaid is not perfect. But my years of work in Improvement Science tells me improvement is an iterative process. Let's get to improving instead of moving backwards. We can do so much more, but we need iterative tweaks, not revocation.

If that is not enough, we have a disaster piece of legislation in Florida known as HB7069 – Our Charter School Law.

This bill does the following:

  • It diverts $50 million out of our tax investments towards for-profit charter schools
  • It prevents local school boards from raising funds to replace these lost revenues. In my county alone we have a backlog of over $18 million worth of roof, HVAC and painting fixes. This bill prevents us from even addressing this
  • Most outrageously, it allows anyone to object to the textbooks used in our school systems.

This is a recipe for chaos and poor performance. Do you think perhaps that was the intention of our legislators? This bill is not about creating opportunity for our children, it is about supporting a for-profit industry in our state. This bill passed by one vote in the State Senate. You guessed it – my opponent was that one vote. Public education is the bedrock of our communities, and I am outraged by this attack on our schools.

I thought about running for office before this bill passed because of my health care expertise. This legislative debacle cemented my decision. I am not a politician, I am an outraged woman who wants a better future for all of us.

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    “She has a passion for people and continued commitment to improve healthcare in Florida for our most vulnerable citizens.”

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    “I like the way Kayser thinks -- and it's time to put women in charge.”

December 19, 2017

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Happy Holidays!

October 3, 2017

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