Louis “Lou” Sola, of Florida,  proudly served in the US Army for nearly 12 years mainly in Military Intelligence as an Interrogator with most of his time spent overseas.

Lou Sola was born on January 8th, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, the son of a barber who worked on a military base and his mother was a nurse.  After both of Lou’s parents began struggling with opiate addiction, which eventually took his mother's life, Lou and his younger brother were moved to his grandparents and spent their childhood in rural Goodland, Indiana.  

Lou was raised by his grandfather, Ernest Alberio, a decorated WWII Army Combat Engineer who served in the Normandy Invasion with 5 battle stars.  Lou’s grandfather had a prosthetic leg due to being seriously wounded in action just 3 weeks before armistice.  Lou says of his childhood, “Every morning I would help my grandfather put his work boots on at 7 a.m. sharp.  Back then the technology wasn’t as good as it is today so his leg did not bend and he needed assistance for which he loathed asking for help.  I watched firsthand as this proud man fought WWII every day of his life, yet ready to do it again if asked.   My grandfather taught to honor the fact that our our nation’s flag is stained with the sacrifice of so many.”  

Lou began working nearly part time at the age of 12 any job he could find to include: painting houses, roofing, walking beans, short order cook, gas station attendant, and in an aluminum factory when he turned 16.

Lou’s Grandfather passed away at a VA hospital shortly before Lou was to graduate from South Newton HS in Kentland, Indiana and he decided then and there that he would serve as soon as he was able.  Mr. Sola joined the Army Reserves as carpenter and began Basic Training in Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri.  When asked about why he choose this job, Sola replied, “I was counting the days until I could join the Army.  I really didn’t even know we could choose our jobs.”

While in the Army Reserves, Mr. Sola studied History at Parkland Community College and obtained an Associates in Arts.  The Army tested Mr. Sola’s aptitude as part of his enlistment and discovered Mr. Sola was gifted in linguistics and could easily learn different languages.  Mr. Sola enlisted in the US Army as an Interrogator / linguist and was sent to the Defense Language School,  Presidio de Monterey, California for extensive language training.  Mr. Sola is a two time graduate of this most prestigious school.

After completing German Language Course, Army Intelligence School’s Interrogation Course and finally Airborne School in 1989, Mr. Sola was stationed overseas at the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) 66th Military Intelligence Brigade, 5th MI Battalion in Munich, Germany.   Mr. Sola worked mainly as a plain clothes Strategic Debriefer with the numerous communist refugees inflowing from the West after the fall of the Berlin Wall for the collection of Human Intelligence (HUMINT).

After a two year deployment in Germany, Mr. Sola was stationed again at the Defense Language Institute for reclassification as a Spanish Linguist and subsequently assigned to the 310 Counter Intelligence Battalion based in the Republic of Panama.  Mr. Sola’s missions included assistance with the Cuban Refugee Crisis, Counter Drug Operations, Special Operations Command, and Counter Intelligence Missions.  During this time in the early 1990’s, Mr. Sola was on the front lines of the War on drugs and volunteered to be his units Alcohol and Drug Abuse Officer.  Mr. Sola’s unit was tasked with many intelligence priorities concerning counter narcotics missions.  

While stationed overseas, Mr. Sola completed his college degree and was blessed with the first of two children Carolyn Sola, born in Gorgas Army Hospital in 1996.  Carolyn today is currently a senior at Florida State University.  In 1997, Mr. Sola made the difficult decision to transition from the Army to further his education thereby completing his Masters of Science in Finance at the University of Illinois in 1998.  Latter that same year, Lou began teaching courses in Business at Florida State University, Panama Campus.  In 1999, Mr. Sola was blessed with his second child, Anthony Sola.  Anthony is currently a freshman at the University of Miami.  

Mr. Sola worked as a financial and business consultant after the U.S. relinquished control of the Panama Canal and its military bases.  Through hard work and perseverance, in 2005,  Mr. was eventually able to secure a loan needed to purchase the initial inventory and enable him to start Evermarine.  In Evermarine’s first year of business, Mr. Sola’s company was able to sell almost 30% of the entire production of Miami based Bertram Yachts.  Mr. Sola followed up by adding additional brands from around the world and had continued success.   As a result, Mr. Sola’s Miami based Evermarine is one of the largest marine dealerships in Central America.

After becoming disenchanted with actions of the Democratic Party and also realizing that the Republican Party better represented his views, Lou switched his party registration in 2015 to become a Republican.  He is a loyal supporter of Republican candidates and clauses  Mr. Sola was an avid supporter of Marco Rubio for President in 2016 and when Senator Rubio dropped out of the race, Mr. Sola fully supported President Trump without reservation as an early fundraiser and major donor.  Mr. Sola was an avid and vocal supporter of Mr. Trump’s fiscal policies as cited in articles in Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo FInance, and others.  

Mr. Sola will quickly admit that his entire education, interpersonal communication skills, foreign language ability, and polished etiquette come from his service in the US Army, and he is very proud, humbled and truly grateful to have served.  In 2015, Florida Governor Rick Scott selected Mr. Sola to serve as a State Commissioner on the Florida Pilot Board for which he was subsequently confirmed unanimously by the Florida Senate in 2016.

Lou is a proudly immersed tri-lingual member of his Miami community and is a dedicated Miami Marlins baseball fan.   Mr. Sola recently filed all required ethics and financial disclosure paperwork for the 2018 election as a Republican Candidate for Florida’s 24th Congressional District, one of the most culturally diverse districts in the entire nation.  Mr. Sola looks forward to advocating his beliefs of what is necessary for success, having hope, having a vision, having a plan, hard work and perseverance.  Mr. Sola aspires to use his  experience to serve his country either through administrative appointment or by challenging the current status quo in the electoral process.

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October 6, 2017

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