I was born on the same day as Martin Luther King, Jr. (but 37 years later).  When I was born, my mother says I said "free at last!"  I am inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.'s teachings and struggles for unity, equality and fellowship.

I think politics today divides people and sets them against one another, and that many people also think that politics is too polarized, combative, and impolite.

I am looking for people who would like a representative in Washington D.C. who can listen to all voters, not just those who are in the same party.  I am an experienced mediator, and try to listen intently to people to help them find common grounds and to compromise to resolve disputes.  As an experienced attorney, I effectively advocate for other people's interests by highlighting the factual, legal and equitable strengths of their positions.

I want to use these skills to represent all of the people in Florida's 23rd U.S. Congressional District, regardless of their party affiliations.  Martin Luther King, Jr. taught that "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that".  With this in mind, I want to bring civility, respect and love into an arena known for rancor and disrespect, in order to unite and heal divided friends, families and communities.

The federal government impacts people's lives in so many ways.  I know that the people in Florida's 23rd U.S. Congressional District want someone to effectively represent their interests in healthcare, immigration, protecting the environment, reducing violence, making transportation safer, planning for and responding to natural disasters, improving the economy, expanding educational opportunities, protecting children, and in so many other important concerns.  

I have a proven background in public environmental and land use advocacy, business law, family law, immigration law, foreclosure law, and other concerns important to voters.  I believe I can effectively listen to voters, advocate their concerns, evaluate evidence and arguments, and exercise good judgment.

My plan to win the election depends on listening carefully and respectfully to voters, and working to unite people on common grounds.  

Donations are needed to reach voters through all types of media, so they will see that there is a genuine alternative to polarizing, angry politics as usual, with a respectful, consensus-building advocate.

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    “Stuart is passionate about finding common ground and has the skills to achieve healing in this divisive era.”

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