Wild, native salmon are not just a point of pride for Washington --they are our heritage and a huge driver of our state's economy. And unless the people of Washington act quickly, our state may also be forced to become a market for corporate, genetically engineered (GE) “Frankenfish.” Local advocacy group Food Action is leading a coalition of food, agricultural, tribal and environmental allies to launch a campaign to ban GE salmon in WA state - and we need your help.

In 2015, the FDA approved the production of genetically engineered frankenfish in the U.S. - to develop this product, DNA from wild Chinook salmon and an eel-like fish are fused and injected into Atlantic salmon. These genetically engineered “salmon” will grow to full size in half the time of a wild fish.

Sales of GE salmon have already started in Canada and will begin in the US soon. We must act now to stop the sale of Frankenfish in Washington state. We need your support to raise $25,000 to get this campaign off and running. Every donation will be matched by a generous group of local funders, so your money will have double the impact.

This is a citizen-driven campaign to keep Washington salmon sales wild, local and out of the hands of global corporations. The first round of funding will be used for initial campaign polling, research and planning. Additional funds will go to the critical next steps of the campaign.  

Help us stop the sale and production of GE Salmon by making a donation to the campaign today! It won’t happen without you.

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Why must GE salmon be banned in Washington State?

  • Environment - Possibility of escape into the wild habitat leading to natural species loss.

  • Public Health - Farmed GE salmon require increased antibiotics, leading to the public health concerns of the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria

  • Native treaty and cultural rights   - Muckleshoot Tribe and the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians are calling on the Federal Drug Administration to have a formal consultation with Northwest Treaty Tribes based on the 1974 ruling that reaffirmed the rights of tribal members to fish, hunt and harvest shellfish on their native land

  • Economic - The impact of wild salmon on the Washington state economy is $9.35 billion. GE salmon could impact the economic viability of the salmon industry with its unintended consequences. 

  • Animal welfare- Genetic modification comes at the expense of the fish’s welfare. GE salmon show decreased swimming capacity, reducing their ability to forage and avoid predators.

  • Corporate control - Biotech companies like Aqua Bounty and Monsanto want to control the food system. They create a dependency on their products, drive out competition and create monopolies. It happened with seeds and it can happen with salmon.

With your help, we can stop GE salmon in Washington State, where wild salmon is the foundation of our ecosystem, a cultural icon, a job creator and our way of life. 

We, as a group, will continue to have ownership over our food choices. Together, we can make this goal a reality. Invest in our campaign, and you’ll become a Food Action member. We’ll provide you with the toolkit to help create change in our food policy. 

Support us now and share this message with your friends. It’s our food fight to win.

About Food Action:

Food Action is an organization with 20 years experience as a leader in the effort to create a sustainable food system. With a strong local governing board of activists and leaders from throughout our food system. We amplify consumers’ voices and hold leaders accountable to create better policy around food and agriculture. Our goal now is to build a movement of advocates and give them the tools to act and create change.  We are leveraging conscious consumers’ existing economic and cultural influence into political power to effectuate the Good Food Agenda. We insure that our food system meets and exceeds the goals of equity and justice as well as environmental sustainability and public health. 

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    “Keep genetically engineered Salmon off our dinner plates!”

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    “We need a regulatory system for GMOs that consumers can trust! It must consider animal welfare and the FDA approval of frankenfish did not.”

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