Today the world appears to be full of problems. Like a giant, these problems tower over us and force us to question if we can tackle these issues. Like the story of David who toppled Goliath, it is not a question of "if," but "who" will slay the giant.

I am running for the Virginia 28th House District because the hard-working citizens of Fredericksburg and Stafford need a representative who will fight these giants in Richmond and serve all of the people, not just special interests. 

I am proud to say grew up in the district I am now running in. I graduated from North Stafford and returned to my home to pastor at my church. The struggles that I witnessed our parishioners and fellow citizens toiling through pushed me to take on this fight.

The Commonwealth is in a dilemma. We have a group of leaders who deny that their people are suffering, yet the masses say otherwise. As I knock on doors I have heard the same story countless times, "I don't vote because my vote doesn't matter."

Do not believe that you do not have a voice. I ran to give a voice to those without a voice.

The Republican Party took control of Virginia's House of Delegates in 2000, promising to make life better for citizens. Yet, the track record has shown otherwise. After almost two decades of majority-rule, we have the worst traffic in the country, inadequate funding for our schools, over 400,000 at-risk Virginians without healthcare, a Rappahannock River poisoned by toxins from fracking, and growing wealth inequality.

We cannot afford another term of this leadership.

Virginians need a clear, fresh direction for our government. We need new solutions, not old excuses. I believe Virginia has a candidate with that vision. This year let's vote for a fighter; vote Joshua Cole on November 7th.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!