Born in Texas to a WWII 1st division Marine judo instructor and an RN. Taught to be self sufficient at an early age. By the age of 5  I was running trotlines catching fish as big as I was.  I killed my first deer at the age of 5 and helped clean my second deer at 6.  My dad is a tough Marine.  My sister and I are his care givers now.  By the age of 15,  I could pretty much do anything to build a house.  

   I helped build a Marina at 15-16 years old and learned about the restaurant and general store business along with the marina business. I built and designed custom boat docks and did total boat restoration by the age of 19.  I went to work for a large company HHS managing a hospital's environmental services.  Last location Scott and White in Temple Texas. 

   I came back to Austin went to school for an Electronics degree and spent a good number of years with AT&T before retiring and starting my own business providing a free service hauling of old metal items.  Through the Business I have helped homeless and single moms.

    I have had enough watching Politicians break our country and reward criminals and now they want to provide sanctuary for criminals and give them U.S. tax dollars.  This is wrong.  

   I am a Christian and help all the people I can but our Government is responsible to U.S. Citizens and all Tax dollars need to be spent helping our own homeless and hungry and our country.  We are 20 trillion in debt. Broke and that makes us weaker than ever.

   I am a part time care giver with my sister taking care of our 94 year old Marine Dad. It is hard work but we are blessed each day he is with us.  I want to restore our state and country to its Constitutional/Christian values.

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October 30, 2017

Looking forward to hearing from all of you on issues

Getting started.  Will start campaigning soon.  Need volunteers all over this Great State.  

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!