Tom McClintock and Nancy Pelosi are well-intentioned people perpetuating a system designed to mainly serve big donors while pretending every two years to serve us. We, the people, have the power to fix this blatantly corrupt, dysfunctional, and divisive way of doing things.

Two-thirds of us believe our country is headed in the wrong direction. Both parties are viewed as part of the problem by a majority of their own members. Is there a way out? Yes.

Independent Senators Angus King and Bernie Sanders both got elected by stubbornly independent people who believe the major parties don't represent their views. I believe the equally independent people in this beautiful part of California deserve representation as good as King and Sanders. How is that different than what we've been putting up with?

Party-first politicians like McClintock and Pelosi argue about divisive side issues while neglecting what's important. What's most important to you: How much the government involvement there is in healthcare or how to move America's healthcare ranking from 37th to first? 

When bought conservatives like McClintock and multimillionaire fake progressives like Pelosi allow the needs of their donors to prevent Americans from having the healthcare we deserve, we have no choice but to take another road. Can we get what we deserve? Yes, but only if we place our faith in the source of our greatness: the collective intelligence of We The People.

We already rely on that faith in everyday life. For example, the collective opinions of our fellow Californians on hold life and death power over the restaurants we patronize. The 1-to-5 star ratings show we're not so divided on what we do and don't like. Why isn't their an app to get from Congress what we'd like?

The answer is pretty obvious. The last thing the big money purchasers of influence want is interference from regular folks. Conservatives like Richard Painter and progressives like Bernie Sanders both understand how pay-for-play politics are ruining our democracy. You and I can put an end to it. If you demand a system enabling your wishes to be heard via text message on every issue important to you,  I'll make that Voter Advisory System (VAS) available in this Congressional district whether Congress funds it initially or not. Imagine the wave of change that could bring about. Politicians held accountable by the voters for every decision they make, every day, instead of every two years. 

That kind of "outside the box" thinking allowed me as a business consultant to help young companies beat much bigger, entrenched competitors. With your support, we can do something similar to the corrupt, entrenched system that's failing everyone but the big donors.

This campaign can succeed in one way regardless of the vote outcome. Should Do-Nothing-Tom return for a 4th term but voters also widely adopt a VAS, he will face voter pressure to actually get things done on our behalf like never before.

You have the power . . . but only if you use it.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!