Our Platform for A New Electorate

  • Climate : Changing
  • Science : Real
  • Immigrants : Welcome
  • Free Press : Fundamental
  • Healthcare : A Right
  • Gender : A Spectrum
  • Black Lives : Matter
  • Innovation : Vital
  • Empathy : Essential
  • Community College : Free
  • Mass Incarceration : End It
  • Marijuana : Legalize It

I’ve been involved in politics my whole life. It’s a huge source of inspiration. Earning the opportunity to advocate for people—to fight on their behalf—is so motivating. That said, I didn’t plan to enter the political arena myself until after this last Presidential Election when many of us realized we can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. My family moved here from India searching for opportunity, and they seized it when they got here. They worked their way up from security guards and store clerks to building a business and raising four unruly boys to adulthood. No small feat. Their story and our stories need to be told so that we all remember how wonderful this country already is and what truly makes it great. So much about this country is inspiring except for its politics right now, and we have an obligation to change that.

And that's because politics is the only business that blames its customers for not buying an unappealing product. Turnout in a New York City primary is around 10 percent. Only 26 percent of the country elected Donald Trump. And when you ask “insiders,” the refrain is always the same: “Young people don’t care, minorities don’t vote, new citizens don’t register.” Well, if you start with that attitude, you’re going to prove yourself right! Coming in with fresh eyes is a fantastic perspective and it’s going to be met with a lot of resistance. I’ve decided after months of hearing that kind of cynicism, that we don’t have time for it, we have a new electorate to build.

We’re starting with a blank slate, meaning we have no assumptions about a voter’s propensity to vote. All people deserve agency and all people deserve the chance to be represented. So, let’s go out and talk to and listen to all of them and see if we can’t get people to buy into building a real community that’s proud to vote.

We’re issuing a call to action. We want every single creator, innovator, disrupter, or simply passionate advocate to bring us your ideas. We’ll execute them. If you think the DNC or our progressive candidates are doing it wrong and you have a better way to engage the country, we’re your campaign. We’re happy to serve as a guinea pig and run whatever crazy experiment you can dream up.

We’re going to have fun. The only thing I have to lose is this election—and that’s an incredibly freeing feeling. I feel like many Democrats have spent so much time trying to figure out how to not lose, that they’ve forgotten how to win. We plan to open a campaign office/co-working community space to be a hangout for activists and to highlight the remarkable work local groups are already doing in New York. We’ll have a taco truck for absentee ballots, we’ll buy beers at bars across the City for folks who let us listen to their stories, spin classes with fellow concerned citizens, and basically anything else that expands the electorate by motivating folks to get involved and reaching them where they are.

Finally, you can expect that we will not stray from our core values: climate change is happening, guns need controlling, science is real, free press is important, immigrants belong, gender is a spectrum, her body means her choice, fewer prisons, more schools, more bridges, no walls, accessible art, and of course, black lives do indeed matter.

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November 11, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!