I was born in Davis at the Davis Community Hospital on County Road 99 in 1970. Raised in Winters near Davis, I learned from my family the value of hard work, respect, and principles that shape who I am today as a human being. In high school, I worked in Winter's City Hall in the community development department, with the encouragement of my parents, meeting some of the elected officials at the time in the 1980s. My father proudly educated me on Cesar Chavez and John F. Kennedy as a teen, as he worked in agriculture throughout Yolo County and near Davis, for over 30 years. Since then, I have held close, my father's words and stories. I graduated from UC Davis in 1994, volunteering in many community services projects like hosting low income students during their visit to the UC Davis campus. During my Master's at Sacramento State University, I lived in Madrid, Spain for one year, attending the University of Madrid in 1996. During many summers, I worked as a tomato truck driver in Yolo County, a job I learned to value, as I got to know more of our regional agricultural richness, a Yolo heritage indeed.

In 1999, I embarked to New York City, lived in the Upper West Side and attended Columbia University, to complete a Ph.D. As a small town person from Northern California, I learned so much from the City. In 2002, I finished my studies and returned to Northern California to teach at Sacramento State University. In 2006, I entered state government at the California Department of Education, where I worked on family literacy programs for low income and vulnerable families statewide. For my dedication to serving families most in need, I earned a Distinguished Alumni Award for Early Career from Columbia University, Teachers College in 2010. Presently in my state government role, as a Contract Monitor and Educational Consultant, my focus is on contract administration, budgets, budget change proposals, approving expenditures, contract development, non-competitive bids, Request for Proposals (RFP), interfacing with numerous state agencies and statewide stakeholders, as well as serving the public in English and Spanish. In the Davis community, I serve on the City of Davis Personnel Board and volunteer at my children's schools, including the Boy Scouts events.

Today, my family loves Davis. I am a parent of two children, ages 4 and 11. I was born in Davis and my family, our friends and neighbors love living in this community. My children are in Davis schools. My daughter goes to preschool and my son goes to Cesar Chavez Elementary as a sixth grader. Our children, our families, our community, our future is in our hands. A sense of urgency is felt now. Let's work together. 

I support the Davis Downtown area and business community, affordable housing throughout the city, transparency in commission/committee appointments, and especially helping the homeless in Davis. 

I am running for Davis City Council. Let's act now, together!

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November 18, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!