Arturo Alonzo is running to represent the people of the Rio Grande Valley as our new State Representative for Texas House District 37 and ensure we build a stronger & more inclusive South Texas. 

Arturo is a Brownsville native, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran, small business owner, and former Law Enforcement officer who has spent the last 6 years organizing and winning real victories for hard working people from leading the field efforts in California’s Prop 64 and passing the countries largest criminal justice reform; helping elect the first Mexican-American in the U.S. Senate; raising the minimum wage in Arkansas, and helping unemployed veterans find employment in South Texas.

With a poverty ratio of over 41.5% in his district, 46% of the people uninsured, growing income inequality, cuts to public education, mass incarceration of people of colors, and constant attacks of Republican Legislatures on seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and the Latino population of the Rio Grande Valley, Arturo is determined to lead the fight for working families and be the progressive we need to ensure we have a government that works for us all and not just the selective few and special interest.

For Arturo, the issues affecting him, his loved ones, and all Texans are real and should not be condensed into empty campaign promises or cheap talking points. Growing up in Section 8 Housing, the son of Mexican immigrants who worked hard and could not make ends meet, and seeing a generation of his close friends and family torn apart by unemployment, mass debt, mental depression, suicide, and poor wages, Arturo understands that the time to act is now. 

Our campaign is based out of love and the understanding that when good people come together, pray, and work hard good things happen.

We are running a 100% grassroots campaign, taking no PAC money, and using zero politqueros to show the state and country that the voices of the poor, the oppressed, and the Latino community of the Rio Grande Valley matter. 

We humbly ask you to keep us in prayers, chip in $27 or more, volunteer for a phone-bank or canvassing shift, and on March 6th make sure to vote for a veteran that has our back. 

Let’s build a stronger South Texas, juntos!

With gratitude and appreciation,

The people of South Texas.

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    “As someone who left and returned to The Valley after 20 years to see the same old compadrismo & the same families in power running the show, it’s disheartening to see these politicians taking people’s votes for granted. Thank you for standing up to the incumbent. Wish you much success!”

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    “Brownsville is my hometown and we need radical change to impact radical improvement in the living standards of our people.”

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    “I support Mr. Alonzo 100%. My husband and I are so grateful for everything he has done for our family. We know he is honest, humble, hardworking and a great candidate to lead our people. We cannot think of anyone better than him.”

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    “I know Arnoldo personally, he is one of the hardest workers I've ever met and is extremely passionate about helping those who feel like they don't have a voice. We need more people like him in office.”

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    “I've known Arnold for about six years when he was a student at TAMIU and quickly appreciated his candor, empathy, ideas, intelligence, and vigor. This young veteran will definitely be an asset to Brownsville, TX. The citizens will be proud to call him their Representative in House seat 37.”

January 30, 2018

Thank you! We won't let you down.

Good evening, I know it's late but after raising money day, managing staff, knocking on doors, and making sure we run a tight ship at 11:39 PM I finally have some down time to plan ahead and write this email. 

I know most of you are not rich, some of you are cops, teachers, veterans, nurses, small business owner, migrant workers, LVN's, professors, stay at home mothers, engineers, college students, artist, poets, fast food workers, maids, gardners, pharmacy technicians, and unemployed still looking for a job and a piece of the American Dream. 

I'm writing this letter to thank you for in life "we buy things, not with money, but with the time we worked to earn a dollar". 

$3 dollars in 20 minutes for the man working minimum-wage, $13 dollars is 1 or 2 hours for the man working from $7 to $15 dollar an hour, and $100 dollars is 2 to 3 days of labor for the man working an 8 hour shift from $7 to $15 dollars an hour minus taxes. 

When I see over 600 people donating online, sending checks, giving us coins and cash at the doors because they strongly believe that if good people come together, pray, and work hard, everyone donating their time and energy, we can and will reach the $38k needed before Feb 4th and win this election. 

I humbly ask for you to save February 20th in your calendar, vote at 6:59 AM so we can get it over with and focus on making calls and knocking on doors to turnout the 7,000 votes needed to win this campaign, and spend 10 minutes day calling 3 people that you know can chip in $3 dollar or more so we can our fundraising goal and win this this campaign. 

In CrowdPAC alone we have 130 donors (check out the math) 

  • If 131 of us, including myself, make 3 calls per day and get 3 people to donate $13 dollars we will raise $5,109 dollars tomorrow and in 6 days raise $30,654. This is the only way we can win. If we all just make 3 calls, get 3 people to donate, and raise $5,109 per day. 

On my part, I will call all day tomorrow but I need your help. The more I call the less I knock, the less we knock the less we are able to talk to the 20,000 voters needed to turnout the 7,000 we need to win. Politics and Government is all about numbers, can you balance a budget, can you win a campaign, can get 20 Republicans to vote on x bill, can you get 20 Democrats to vote on y bill, can you raise $60,000 to hire 6 Field Organizer who can make 300 calls a day, talk to 30 people, get 17 of them to volunteer, get 11 volunteers to complete a packet of 120 doors twice a week to knock on 2,600 doors per week, and knock on 200,000, and talk to 20,000 people, to persuade 17,000, to get 13,000 to Commit to Vote, to get 7,000 to actually vote and win the campaign. 

It's all about controlling the flake rate, having people produce, and donate their time and energy to build a stronger and more inclusive city, state, and country. The problem about Democrats is that we flake, we don't vote, and we pass the responsibility to the next person, next voters, next president, next congress instead of taking responsibility for own lives, community, and polis.  

I love, I thank you, and I'm counting on you. 

Your friend, 

Arturo Alonzo 

Democrat for Texas House District 37 

-Just 10 minutes and 3 calls can change the world 

January 9, 2018

We just came out on National TV!

Good afternoon friends, 

Last night was epic! We hit our first $2k online via Crowdpac, gracias :) and went live on national television with The Young Turks (the biggest online media outlet in the country) 

Pretty cool right? 

Here's the link (start video @ 2:52:52)

One of our biggest priority is spreading our message across as soon as we can. We only have 2 weeks to raise $50k and beat my opponents $1.1 millions special interest war chest and we can only do it with your help. Got $10k down, $50k more to go :) 

Copy and paste this message (Facebook):  

Friends! I donated to the @AlonzoForTexas campaign because the most important issue my and my family are facing is _________. Don't know about you, but fighting corruption, building a stronger economy, and ensuring our government works for us all not just the selective few is extremely important and we have the chance to build a stronger Texas juntos on March 6 by supporting my good friend Arturo. Check out his video, let me know what you think, and help us share our message by using the #juntoshacemosmas @ _______[share the link] 

Copy and paste this message via (Twitter) 

Amigos! Check out my friend @AlonzoForTexas [tag]! He just got interview w/ @TheYoungTurks. Let's fight corruption and ensure we have a government that works for us all not just a selective few @ [video link]  #juntos 

Un abrazo fuerte amigos, love you, and thank you for all you do.

I know the economy is hard and that every dollar is a dollar is greatly needed in every home, and personally grateful for you investment- for I know it took 3-8 hours of your time for you to be able to chip in $13-$100 dollars. 

Siempre con ustedes! 

Arturo Alonzo 

Democrat for Texas House District 37 


E. contact@alonzofortexas 


January 2, 2018

Website is up! Check out our 1 on 1 with Arturo.

Good morning,check out our website today and learn why Arturo is running for to represent us and the hardest working people of the RGV in Austin.

"This is a battle between David versus Goliath. The people versus big corporations and special interest and a veteran fighting for change while a career politician clings to power. Whoever wins this election will determine the course of the Rio Grande Valley and the future of Texas politics, for the key of flipping Texas starts and ends in the Rio Grande Valley.

With Rene Oliveira and the political elite being in control of the Democratic Party and the Rio Grande Valley for over 50 years, they have do nothing but make South Texas, a region with the hardest working people, the poorest in the country.

The hardest difficulty for us (Latinos in the Rio Grande Valley) is that we are fighting a three front war; to the North, a Republican Party who has forgotten about God and Democratic Party who has forgotten about the poor; and back home to the South, an established oligarchy who has done nothing but enrich themselves in the name of “economic development”, pitching to the outside world “our labor is cheap” and “our people need jobs” while giving million dollar tax cuts to big corporations who have killed our small-business, destroyed the institution of family, the potential of my generation to build a South Texas middle-class, and made our workers and families peasants who are paid meager wages and worry all day  ‘con el Jesus en la boca’ how they are going to make ends meet, praying to God for health and a better way of life every single day.

They have abused the kindness and the generosity  of our people" Arturo Alonzo (Democrat for Texas House District 37)

Learn more. Share. Help us raise money and be one step closer to goal @

January 1, 2018

Happy New Years!

Good evening, hope you had a great New Year's and the Arturo Alonzo for Texas Campaign wants to wish you and your family a happy 2018 full of love, health, and success. 

Due to the weather conditions and to ensure the safety of our supporters we are having our campaign kick-off January 6th, 2018 in Washington Park in Brownsville, Texas from 2-4pm and hope we can count on you to make it. 

Un abrazo and let's keep make 2018 a blue and progressive year! 

Juntos hacemos mas, 


December 30, 2017

11:55 PM! $800 more to go and closer to goal :) #JuntosHacemosMas

Amigos!  $800 left to hit our goal before tomorrow’s filing deadline and just need 40 people to chip in $20 to hit our $3,000 fundraising online goal between our two fundraising outlets, Crowdpac and Actblue, and we are counting on you. 

For many us in the Rio Grande Valley 2018 will test the moral fabric of progressives in South Texas and all across our country and we will see if we have what it takes to take on big corporation and corrupt politicians who have made our region:

  1. The Poorest in the Country with a poverty rate (41.5%) making $13,000 or less per year

  2. The Most Uninsured (46% of our people don't have healthcare)

  3. The Most Underemployed Region (47% of our workers work less than 36 hours per week)

  4. The Most Unequal where 1.3% of all households make more money per year and have more accumulated wealth than the bottom 90.3% of all households combined.

  5. The Most Machista with over 91% of the male population 18-35 still living with their parents, less than (7% of all offices in Cameron County are held by Latinas), and where our LBTQIA community and woman are more  likely (9.8%+ than the national average) to beat, assaulted, battered, and be left homeless than their fellow American comrades.

  6. The Most Expensive Region to Run #NoMames where a candidates running for represent us at the Texas House of Representatives spend on average $250,000 to $1,000,000 ($420 is the average) to turnout less than 14,000 votes in just 3 months (with no General, just a Primary my friends), and politiquers and “consultants” who are simply little fish in a very small bowl in your kitchen sink, who have never worked a national or statewide campaign claim to “sacar votos” with no science to back it but pick up a pretty little check of $10,000 per client or candidate and milk corrupt politicians who don’t mind spending the money because BIG PAPI (big corporations, the 1%, and Super PACs are down to pay the tab ad get DEM TAX-CUTS and CHEAP LABOR that these petty politicians with any scruple or backbone are more than happy to give. I sinceramente es una bofetada para nuestras familias y clase obrera. Si! Si ellos no son los que estan con el Jesus en la boca wondering how the hell are we going to pay rent, or this bill, or the other!

  7. And a Descarda (Shameless) Oligarchy where 5 families run the town and where if you get elected to office you will reign over 20-30 years and acquire “chingos of feria” having as much power and empire as the House of Windsor (British Dynasty who has ruled for over 310 years)

It’s too easy to blame politicians, but as the old saying goes It takes two to dance tango and thinking politicians are the only ones to blame and if we keep on thinking “Facebook-Activism”, “Strategizing Meetings”, cafecitos, or protesting wins campaigns we are wrong! Raising money, knocking on doors, sacrifice, discipline, not flaking,  and building the next generation of leaders is the only way to go. 

Help us get two of your friends and family tomorrow to pitch in $20 and we guarantee you we will hit our Dec. 31st goal, our staff and Arturo will also be helping out and making fundraising calls all day tomorrow until 5pm.

Take Ownership! A stronger RGV starts now. Donate. Volunteer. Win. @

Un abrazo fuerte y happy New Years amigos!


December 29, 2017

Don't let it go! This is our chance to rise #DreamActNow


This is Ovèr Garcia, Dreamer, UTRGV Senior, and Campaign Manager for the Alonzo for Texas Campaign.

As a DACA recipient and spending the last three years in the Valley I’ve personally seen the constant fear in the eyes of our immigrant brothers and sisters, experienced firsthand discrimination, and seen a generation of my friends unemployed and collect mass college debt, and an economy that has been built since the Reagan Era to make it 10x harder for people of color to reach their highest potential.

For too long I have been afraid of telling people my immigration status and for too long I've sat on the sidelines and seen petty Republicans destroy the state and the country I love and the only one I call home.

With cuts in CHIP, 46% of our community in the Rio Grande Valley without any health insurance, and Republicans in Austin passing one of the most hateful and racist bills with SB-4, and the massive defunding of our public schools and colonias it is time we take action is now.

I'm cutting back my college class to only 4 this semester so I can work full-time in building this campaign from the ground up  and counting on you to helps make a stronger RGV and reality!

Join us for our campaign kick-off, save the date, bring your friends and family, and help us be one step closer of reaching our fundraising goal of $3,000 before our Dec 31st deadline @

We are only $900 short! We got a few more hours and confident we can make it happen.

Only with your help can we send a Latino from the RGV who is not afraid of representing nuestra gente and will get things done in Austin.

Follow us on Twitter @AlonzoForTexas and RSVP for our Campaign Kick-Off today @JuntosWithAlonzo

Un abrazo fuerte,

Over Garcia

Campaign Manager

Alonzo for Texas

#dreamactnow #juntoshacemosmas #strongertogether

December 24, 2017

Happy Christmas & thank you for your contribution!

We are happy to announce: 

  •  We are the first in the ballot for Texas House District 37 
  • Raised our first $1,500 online and one-step closer to our end of the year fundraising goal of $3,000. 
  • Received the endorsement of Angie Garcia, the third female President of LULAC & a historic Xicana activist who was one of the greatest forces that desegregated our public schools in San Antonio and allowed Latinos the opportunity to their highest potential in higher education; and Mayor Raul Reyes who took on Governor Abbott and SB-4 to court and organize one of the largest Latino issue-advocacy campaigns in Texas. 

Thank you for all your work, commitment, and sacrifice. 

If we all work together we can meet our fundraising goal and knock on the doors we need to win this campaign and build a stronger & more inclusive South Texas. 

Join us for our campaign kick-off January 2nd from 6-8pm at Washington Park in Brownsville, Texas as we roll out our platform and message to the public. 

Un abrazo fuerte and happy Christmas! 

Hope you all have a great holiday season with friends, family, and loved ones. 

Your friend, 

Arturo Alonzo

Campaign created!

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