The Problem: We started People’s House Project because the voices of the multiracial working class have been ignored by the Democratic Party for years. The 2016 election only further proved this point, when vast numbers of working-class voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump, ultimately tipping the scale in key battleground states and winning the White House for Republicans.

The working class, particularly in the rural Midwest and Appalachia, has rightfully so lost their sense of belonging in the Democratic Party that they were once the backbone of. Contrary to popular believe though, this isn’t a phenomenon confined to the 2016 election nor just Presidential politics. In fact, since the turn of the millennium, we’ve seen once-blue dog and Midwestern Democratic congressional districts not just elect Republican representatives, but turn into strongholds for the GOP, much like they used to be for our party. Today, with each election that passes, voters in the Heartland continue to send a message that they feel neglected by Democrats, viewing the party now as the party of the ‘coastal elite’ rather than that of the working man.

Our Solution: Rebrand and Reintroduce the Democratic Party to the Heartland

According to polling, the words most commonly associated with the Democratic Party are words like “elitist” and “intolerant.” It’s overwhelmingly clear that everyday working people in this country feel that the Democratic Party is not just out of touch, but that Democrats do not care about them or their well-being.

At People’s House Project (PHP), we want to reverse this trend by rebranding the Democratic Party as the party for the working man. We are in a unique position to reintroduce the Democratic Party to the Heartland of America and can credibly redefine the national party in this region. We recruit and support Democratic candidates for the US House of Representatives who come from working-class backgrounds, showcasing them on local and national media, and creating a new conversation about what Democratic leaders look like. 

Our candidates speak the language of their communities and understand through first-hand experience the problems that face working people in the modern world. They are passionate and committed. They’re union members, teachers, veterans, cops, nurses, and others who don’t have a voice in our current big-money political system. They are beholden to the people of their districts, not the donor class, and most importantly, they are type of people who can get elected in districts that the party establishment has sadly given up on, and can help us win and sustain a majority in the House for years to come.

Please visit the following links to learn more about our mission, our first four candidates endorsed last month, look out for further endorsements coming soon, and contribute if you can!

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November 27, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!