If there's going to be a #BlueWave2018, it's going to have to start in unlikely places, places Republicans imagine are safe. To win in those places, Democrats have to field a different sort of candidate -- working people who are ready to lead but are shut out of our big-money politics. 

Our candidates are teachers, union members, people who know how to swing a hammer -- working people who understand from personal experience the problems working people face. They're committed Progressives with deep ties in their community who aren't going to abandon their neighbors for the sake of a campaign donation. 

People's House Project has endorsed 12 candidates in 11 states with one thing in common: commitment. They're running against all odds in districts Republicans imagine are safe, and because they are known and respected in their communities they're getting traction the establishment Democrats aren't. Their campaigns are at a stage when a little bit of money can make a big difference, and in the process they're reminding people that the Progressive economic agenda is what made America great in the first place. 

Help us help them by giving $12 for 12 candidates. We'll pass the money through to their campaigns without taking a dime, and you'll know you're helping reclaim parts of the country that used to be the Democratic Party's heartland. 

We started People’s House Project because the nation can no longer afford a Democratic Party that ignores the voices of the multiracial working class. PHP is working to reverse this trend by identifying and supporting working people running for the House of Representatives in Republican districts. Our candidates are people who can get elected in places the party establishment has given up on, people who speak the language of their communities and understand through first-hand experience the problems that face working people in the modern world. 

Please visit www.peopleshouseproject.com to learn more about our mission, our candidates, and our successes to-date.


LEGAL: All contributions will be evenly dispersed, via earmark, to the 12 People's House Project-endorsed candidates.

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March 29, 2018

Our Mission

Our mission at People’s House Project is pretty simple. It’s to return Congress to the people. That’s why if you look at our endorsed candidates, you’ll find teachers, veterans, a roofer, a musician, a bus driver, a former Teamster, an ironworker. This is what America looks like but it’s not even remotely what Congress looks like. Today a majority of “representatives” in DC are millionaires. 202 are lawyers or businesspeople (usually businessmen). Of the 9 most common professions in the country, only nurses have any representation in Congress. In other words, these so-called representatives are not representative of our nation at all. Perhaps that’s why they’ve allowed the middle class to wither and working class people to be hung out to dry.

Our candidates are truly exceptional and inspire me every day. Veteran Richard Ojeda stood behind teachers in West Virginia while they launched a statewide strike. Teacher and mother of 5 Mariah Philips turned her field program into a community service program. Fifth generation Iowan JD Scholten is fighting for basic respect and decency by challenging Steve King. The nation’s most famous ironworker is challenging Paul Ryan’s corporate agenda on behalf of working people everywhere.

There’s a reason why candidates like these typically don’t succeed though. They don’t have deep pockets or rich friends. They don’t know the fancy people in the political or media establishment. They have all the talent, passion, and community connections they need but are shut out of the corridors of power. That’s what we are fighting to change. Join us and support these working class candidates. When we have real representatives, we will have real change.

November 27, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!