Since 2004, I’ve worked through the ranks of the Alameda County Assessor’s Office, serving as Supervising Appraiser the last seven years. 

I have property tax appraisal experience and knowledge of the California Revenue and Taxation Code. I know how an Assessor’s Office runs and operates. Yet I also offer a fresh perspective as a candidate outside of the San Joaquin Assessor-Recorder Office. 

A few specific goals of mine:

  • Implement proactive programs to educate and inform the public on Prop 13 and California Property Tax law. 
  • Streamline technology platforms with partner County agencies
  • Emphasize clear and engaged communication with homeowners, businesses, other County agencies, State Board Of Equalization staff and County Board of Supervisors.

I’m passionate about serving and giving back, exemplified by my involvement in my local communities as a basketball coach and youth mentor. I’ve worked with multiple 501c3 non-profits to engage our youth in sports and education programs that will lead them towards a successful path. 

I was moved to run for office so San Joaquin County residents have another candidate to choose from and my belief I am well qualified with 13+ years Assessor’s Office experience who can offer a fresh perspective to this position in San Joaquin County.

About Me

Community Leadership & Involvement

  • High School Basketball Coach since 2011
  • Founder & Principal Director, Wolverines basketball club
  • Little Manila Foundation (Stockton), Donor and Supporter
  • Gable Lane Homeowners Association, 2007-13 Board Member
  • Alameda County Food Bank, Volunteer
  • Active and involved husband and father


  • Advanced and Permanent Property Tax Appraisal Certificate
  • Supervising Appraiser, Standards and Training - Alameda County Assessor’s Office
  • Legal Entity Ownership Program Liaison - Alameda County Assessor’s Office

Contributions will go towards:

  • San Joaquin County and annual State filing fees
  • Third party fees for consultants, strategists, advertisers and publicists
  • Campaign travel and events 
  • Common campaign expenditures like office supplies, mailings and communication 

Regardless if you contribute to my candidacy, I wholeheartedly thank you for considering me in 2018! 

The important thing is to register and vote! Let your voice be heard! No longer can we sit on the sideline with our valuable perspectives. Exercise your right to vote on June 5, 2018! 

Thank you! 

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  • endorsed

    “I support Reno because he has done a lot, in countless ways, to give back to the Mountain House community. I’m sure he will bring the same dedication and passion to this position.”

March 9, 2018

San Joaquin County paperwork filed

I have paid the filing fee and Candidate Statement! The campaign is on!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!