Jonathan Lyens has spent the past decade as a local community advocate and tireless public servant, fighting for those without a voice and working to ensure San Francisco remains welcoming and affordable for all residents.

Blind since childhood, Jonathan has overcome tremendous obstacles and taken on tough fights his entire life. He knows firsthand that mass transit is a great equalizer in our society, and that’s why he is running for BART Board District 8.

Let’s Get BART Back on Track

BART Board needs leaders who depend on a vibrant public transportation system in their daily lives, and there is no doubt Jonathan will fight hard – every single day – to improve and revitalize our public transportation infrastructure.

BART is failing. The system is not keeping pace with the growth in population. Fares are going up, while services seem to go down. And many riders say they feel increasingly unsafe.

As the next BART Director, Jonathan will bring years of experience in community advocacy, public finance, labor relations and large bond projects to ensure BART is building a strong system for the next generation.

Experience Where It Counts

Along with his years of community service as the President of the Richmond District Neighborhood Center Board of Directors (RDNC) and the President of the FDR Democratic Club of San Francisco for seniors and people with disabilities, Jonathan has hands-on experience inside city government, including the Mayor’s Budget Office during the Great Recession, Department of Human Resources and currently the Department of Public Health, making sure our city government runs more efficiently and effectively.

Jonathan will use his experience to help make BART even more responsive to its riders.

While in the Mayor’s Budget Office, he helped launch multiple civic engagement platforms, including ImproveSF to engage city employees to share their smart ideas to improve city government. Thousands of San Franciscans made their voices heard, but few leaders were listening.

He’s an experienced negotiator who knows every dollar counts. As a Senior Contract Analyst in the Department of Public Health, he’s currently focusing on the $1.1 billion rebuild of San Francisco General Hospital, making sure the facility comes in under budget.

He spent a number of years in the nonprofit sector and worked on the City’s labor team, helping coordinate full contract negotiations with San Francisco’s 26 labor unions.

A Safer BART for Everyone

Jonathan serves as a member of the Richmond District Community Police Advisory Board – a group of civilian advisors to the neighborhood station captain. He knows firsthand how important it is to keep our communities and streets safe. It will be one of his top priorities to make BART safer for everyone.

A Fearless Advocate for Underrepresented Communities

As President of the FDR Democratic Club of San Francisco, he’s engaged in the tireless fight to empower seniors and people with disabilities.

Jonathan’s dedication to his work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Governor Jerry Brown has appointed him twice to the local Board of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities.

When Jonathan was growing up, he dreamed of living in a place with a strong public transit system where he could get around anywhere he needed to go. He found that home in San Francisco – and as the Board Director for District 8, he will fight tirelessly to make BART better for everyone.

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