A generous donor has offered a $5,000 dollar match if we can meet our fundraising goal in 30 days! Help us get there! 

Oregonians for a Better Government think Greg Walden needs to go. 

Maybe there was a time when he looked out for the people of Oregon’s Congressional District 2, but those days are long gone. In the past year, he and the Trump Administration have schemed to steal the American dream. 

He promised to make our health insurance more affordable. Instead, Walden wrote the bill that would devastate our health care. 

He promised to take care of the middle class and small business owners. Instead, Walden voted to increase taxes on everyone but millionaires. 

He promised to look out for us and our region—what a sick joke. 

Oregonians for Better Government are dedicated to telling the truth about Greg Walden’s disastrous policies. Thanks to you, our first campaign was a huge success! Our radio ads ran in Jackson and Deschutes county over 300 times. 

Help us keep the pressure on Walden! 

Donate now so we can expand the reach of our radios to Klamath, Umatilla, and Josephine counties in District 2!


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    “Greg Walden defunded our children's National Highway Trust Fund, allowing our streets and bridges to crumble while borrowing to kill innocent Iraqi children. He needs to go. -Barb Campbell, Bend City Council”

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    “I support this campaign because Walden is nothing but a lying Trump Brown-noser out to line his own pockets, and does not belong in any leadership position - let alone one for the great State of Oregon.”

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    “Representative Walden stopped representing us around 2010.....he needs to be replaced. Now is the time!”

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    “Greg Walden votes against the wishes and values of the majority of Oregonians through his abhorrent votes on environmental issues!”

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    “I support Help Us Tell the Truth about Walden's Betrayal of the American Dream because Walden is out of touch with the concerns of everyday Oregonians.”

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    “Tell the truth about Walden! He lies about the impact of policies he supports, avoids voters' tough questions, and fears a right wing primary challenge. He does the Republican party's and Trump's bidding, not the citizens' work. Unseat him, I say!”

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    “We deserve better representation from someone willing to stand up for our values, someone with the integrity to put people before party and corporate donors.”

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    “Greg Walden is ORD2's representative in name only. In truth he no longer represents us. He has become just another two-faced sell-out to big dollar donors and corporate lobbyists. Time to give him the boot.”

January 2, 2018

Thanks for starting 2018 strong!

Wow! Thanks to you we blew our goal out of the water! 

We wanted to raise $5000 in 30 days and earn our $5000 match. We did it in 24 days. In fact, we hit our target on Christmas Day and had our new radio ad recorded before the New Year. This is a huge testament to your dedication to defeating Greg Walden and bringing a people-first focus to Oregon District 2. 

You should start hearing our messages in Klamath Falls, Medford, and Ashland soon!

I hope you all feel as good as we do about the steps we are taking to forge a new path forward in 2018. Just today on Oregon Public Broadcasting, Greg Walden was quoted saying he valued his close relationship to President Trump. On the other side, Trump told reporters Walden was incredible on healthcare. 

We want to make sure people know the truth. Walden is doing everything in his power to dismantle affordable access to healthcare in this state. 

Thanks for being part of our efforts to get the word out, and don't forget to vote on January 23rd.

Happy New Year!

The team at Oregonians for Better Government

Campaign created!

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