Pennsylvania has nearly veto-proof majorities in the State House (121 R vs 82 D) and State Senate (34 R vs 16 D). The State Democratic party establishment consistently leaves 50 GOP seats unchallenged every cycle, rather than fight for every seat.

TakeBackPA wants to change that by raising $500 to $1,000 per seat, in order to help challengers get on the ballot (which is the first hurdle), and potentially knock off GOP incumbents with insufficient ballot petitions.

We ideally want to run Democrats, but in districts with strong GOP registration, the best candidate may be a progressive Independent or a moderate (Susan Collins like) Republican. Unchallenged GOP incumbents in PA can be extremely right-wing and shouldn't be given a free pass. We want candidates who believe in fair redistricting, affordable healthcare, clean environment, and bi-partisan solutions that work for everyone.

Fair Redistricting is vitally important to a heavily gerrymandered state like PA. If there are pro-reform Dem challengers to incumbent anti-reform Dems, in SAFE Dem districts, TakeBackPA would consider supporting these more progressive challengers. Fixing Redistricting would turn PA BLUE overnight. So, TakeBackPA is more than happy to pressure incumbent Dems to support redistricting or get replaced by Dems who will.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!