I am a limited government conservative serving my second term as a county commissioner. Like many other Republicans, I have grown embarrassed by the inaction of our party.

In our Fifth District, Bob Latta has been telling us the same story for ten years, but when it comes time to fight for conservative causes he disappears. When he had the opportunity to back President Trump in the general election, he denounced our nominee and effectively endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Getting the country back to its core principles is going to take extreme effort and persistence and I am willing to do the work.

Several years ago, Newt Gingrich made his Contract with America. 
It was a promise to pursue certain legislation. I have a new
 contract that I’m making with my constituents and my donors – ten 
 action items to move us along a conservative path.

  • Cut Spending — Find at least one proposal for every week I am in Washington to stop the growth of government. Republicans in Washington have forgotten that this is their job.
  • Join the Freedom Caucus 

  • Introduce legislation to prohibit federal funding to any 
agency that performs abortions. 

  • Call for an Article V convention of states to 
pass balanced budget and term limit amendments 
and take power out of Washington.
  • Begin the push for the Fair Tax Plus, my plan to 
revolutionize taxes and health insurance – more 
information is on my website. 

  • Sponsor legislation to prohibit foreign aid when
 there is a federal budget deficit. 

  • Fight for full and immediate repeal of Obamacare
 so we can create a 
bipartisan health care law based on health care savings accounts that gets government out of health care decisions. 

  • Communicate by holding town halls and producing bi-weekly columns exposing what is going on in the swamp to help expose the failed establishment that bankrupting our country. 

  • Stand up to the media onslaught whether it be false claims of racism or a Russia witch hunt — have a backbone when it is time to make the conservative argument. 
  • Work! 

If you are a conservative like myself, please consider a donation to my campaign. I promise to continue putting forth the effort if you can help me finance the message. I might be outside your district but my fight may be one of the few where we can take out a liberal Republican in 2018. 

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December 4, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!