My advantages that I can bring to this campaign is a different view of

the world compared to others. I was born deaf, so a new perspective as a deaf individual running for the seat will translate into better successes (despite my inexperience) will be used to attract you as the voter into the campaign. My Legislative District also has a above-normal population of Deaf people that I can tap into for campaign assistance and footwork. I am also relatively younger, and part of the new and incoming wave of politicians that are incoming after the resentment of seeing Trump making a fool out of the democratic process.

As a disabled, father of 5 children, young, approachable, and the
capability of seeing issues from across a wide range of perspective, I
think I can appeal to more in-the-middle voters across both spectrum. I also feel that being deaf, I will be able to understand better the struggles of the elderly disabled community; being in my 30's does not estrange myself from the youth movement that is growing nor the middle-aged or elderly; the needs of these under the poverty level as I used to rely on Social Security Insurance; the frustration of unemployed voters (my current career field was not what I earned my original degree from Rochester Institute of Technology; I only fell into it when I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel so to speak and started from the bottom of the totem pole at ASDB); the experience of an father to five children; a current senior at ASU in Urban Planning with a current GPA of 3.9; and as part of the education system here in Arizona will give me possibly additional (and better!) perspectives in the campaign.

The reason I wanted to become something bigger than a city council-member is that I felt that if I have become one (and I am still interested in doing so if I am not able to gather enough signatures to run for State-level), my impact will be limited when it comes to my passion. I am more interested in repairing education at the state level to better accommodate deaf students, which is lagging behind in education due to the policies of the existing state agencies (Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind, which I currently work for). ASDB has seen some recent budget changes in its favor, but overall when you compare ASDB to its peer schools across the country we are farther behind than our peer teachers in the Arizona Department of Education system. There are several other passions that I want to get involved with (Public Transportation, Public Assistance, and
others), but those I will be posting on my website.

Please consider donating money or your time to my campaign. Thank you.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!