Let's get real, America. Winning back Congress in 2018 is a MUST. 

We need YOU to help US meet our goal so that we can support more bold, Democratic candidates running for Congress.

At Square One, we believe the path to winning back our country starts with putting people in positions of power who represent you and me — young, smart, bold, driven people with big DREAMS and serious #GOALS who know what politics (well, good politics) is all about: helping people, promoting equality for ALL, saving our planet, creating jobs for the future, keeping us healthy and happy, and being decent people (read: don't insult women, veterans and the FBI on Twitter).

So what exactly do we do?

1. We recruit Democratic candidates that we actually want representing us in Congress. 

We back young (under-45), bold, progressive, first-time candidates across the country who are running for Congress against entrenched Republican incumbents. 

We'll introduce you to a few...  

Lauren Underwood (IL-14), a registered nurse and Obama HHS appointee (also one of the only black women under 40 running for Congress - Go Lauren!) running against an entrenched Republican incumbent. (BTW, she was just featured on the cover of Time Magazine and on MSNBC!). Lauren recently won her primary in a landslide against six opponents — and now we need to take her all the way in the general in November! 

Liuba Grechen Shirley (NY-02), a lifelong advocate for women and girls, a leader in economic empowerment for working families — and a mom to two awesome kids. She's running against 25-year Republican incumbent Peter King, who has enabled Trump at every turn. (See her inspirational video that went viral here!)

Josh Welle (NJ-04), a 12-year Navy vet and entrepreneur who is returning to his hometown in New Jersey to run against 36-year (whoa! too long!) Republican incumbent Chris Smith. 

2. Think WAY differently about politics.

Square One brings together the private sector and politics, creating a big tent of advisors from politics, business, startups, tech, media, and nonprofits. 

3. Get e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y to VOTE!

We have a robust 5 point plan based on candidate recruitment, partner organizations, registration drives, private-sector data analysis, and digital content creation. 

4. WIN (duh) 

That's the fun part. 

→ Here's where YOU come in. 

We need to hit our goal to bring on as many of the 16 candidates on our waitlist that we can. 

Like Lauren, Liuba and Josh, these are Democratic candidates across the country who we are ready to back and take to victory in November... just as soon as we have the resources to do so. 

With your donation, we will... 

  • Provide campaign strategy and support to our candidates
  • Help our candidate's campaigns organize to get out the vote 
  • Expand the pool of candidates we support (there are 16 on our waitlist we can't wait to back!) 
  • Register voters
  • Get our candidates to WIN in November
  • ... and stop Trump's agenda in it's tracks 

Thanks everyone. This is important work, and we know together, we can solve big problems, get the leaders we need elected, and turn our country around. 

We couldn't do this without you.


-Miti, Will, Brian and all of us at Square One 

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