I am running for Cook County Board of Commissioners in the 4th District because the burden of years of neglect and mismanagement has fallen on hard-working and low-income families. Cook County, Illinois residents are under resourced and overtaxed.  So much in fact, that Cook County has seen one of the largest drops in population over the last two years.   Further, County residents pay some of the highest property and sales taxes in the nation.  Residents deserve a progressive leader who will focus on the needs of hardworking residents.  I want residents to stay in Cook County, not leave!

As a product of public and private schools, I grew up in Cook County and believe in it's future.  I am a mother, grandmother, activist, organizer and champion of human rights.  I have advocated for hard-working individuals for nearly 25 years. As the former executive of a small not-for-profit, I worked on progressive legislation with several organizations in Illinois, including the ACLU; and believe in progressive policies that help people - not hinder them. I plan to empower the people because we deserve better!

Through determination, I transformed my life from a 360 pound domestic violence survivor to a marathon runner and advocate for all people. 

I will use my power to fight for:

Economic Development

A Fair Tax System

Transparency and Accountability

Civic Engagement

Health Initiatives

As a marathon runner and fitness enthusiast, I know what it takes to transform.  The 4th District deserves strong, progressive leaders that will transform our communities for the better. 

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    “Gaylon was my Girl Scout troop leader and taught me so much about what it means to be a strong and powerful woman. She has what it takes to effect real change in a time when we so desperately need it. She has the drive and the vision and I'm proud to support her!”

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    “I have known Gaylon for over 30 years. She is always been for the people. She's never been about how to make the money but how to make the community work. She's resourceful. And talented. She deserves a voice.”

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    “I strongly support Gaylon Alcarez for Cook County Board. She is a proven champion of service, independence, innovation and social justice. Go, Gaylon!”

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    “Because communities deserve strong, caring leaders like Gaylon.”

April 16, 2018

In Deep Gratitude

The election is over  and although I did  not win with the numbers at the voting both, I ran a campaign that I believed in.  You believed in it too and for this I am grateful!  You made an investment in real leadership.  So thank you for supporting my grassroots campaign seeking to bring  the voices of the people to the table.  

This campaign was truly about the people! From the collecting of  the signatures to get on ballot to walking the neighborhoods and listening to the real concerns. All is not lost.  There are more ways to make change and sometimes that is not as an elected official. We, together, will work to make our district better.  Our journey continues!

Deeply humbled and grateful,


March 13, 2018

Time Ticking Down!

Thank you for your support!  We are nearing the election! Seven more days!!!

Continue  to spread the word and my message to friends, family and neighbors that have not early voted!

And please consider another gift!  I literally cannot do this without your support!

I promise I will make you proud!


February 19, 2018

A Month Away!

When I announced my candidacy in October of last year I did not realize the amount of support I would receive or how many people I would speak to in and out the district.  People are seeking new leadership and solutions to issues that are affecting them right now!  People want more.....and deserve more.  People deserve better.  

Thank you for supporting my campaign and as we near the election, please keep supporting, sharing and volunteering for the campaign!  

I promise I will be accountable to you!

February 7, 2018

Thank You!

I am 50% away from my goal here on CrowdPac! Thank you to my supporters, friends and family for being on this journey with me!  

Keep sharing and endorsing and donating!  I'm in full blown campaign mode until March 20th!





January 23, 2018

We March On!

As we get closer to our goal, it has become clearer that more and more people want and demand better!  People are ready for change!  When women marching thru the streets can bring cities to a halt - we are demanding better!  When we stand up to the injustices and poverty and under resourcing of our communities - we are demanding better! When we can say no to regressive and more taxes - we are demanding better!

I am running to represent people - really represent their needs, interests and desires.  It is time for real leadership. It is time for better!

Thank you for supporting me! Please spread the word and keep it going. This is a people powered campaign!

January 19, 2018

I'm Running....Literally!

Thank you for supporting my candidacy!  The difficult job of running a campaign as a grassroots independent candidate cannot be done without you!

When I stepped into the lion's den in October I knew it would be hard.  Yet, I too, like many of the residents of the 4th District in Cook County, are frustrated by the lack of leadership with our elected officials.   We Deserve Better.  We are under sourced and over taxed, and have nothing to show for it.  Since 2015, Cook County has had the largest population drop across the country!  It is a time for new leadership!

This is not a moment! It is a movement!  The time is now!  It is time for progressive, creative, visionary and forward thinking ideas to move our county to a place where all people thrive!

If you know me, you know I am a runner.  Little did any of us know how much running marathons would prepare me to run for office! 

Please share my link, endorse my candidacy and spread the word!  The time is now!

January 12, 2018


I am getting to the goal!  Thank you all for supporting my efforts to serve the people of the 4th District in Cook County.  I am a public servant willing to serve!  

Please share this link and make an endorsement on this page.  This is a people powered campaign.  I can win this....but I need you, your family, neighbors and friends!

Thank you!


January 8, 2018

Another candidate challenged my candidacy!

The Friday before Christmas eve, when no volunteers were available to help me due to holiday schedules, my mother and I found ourselves down at the Board of Elections undergoing a records exam for my petitions.  After filing 1,411 signatures to get me on the ballot (I only needed 421), another candidate challenged 1,200 of them in an effort to keep me off the ballot.  My lawyer ensured me that I would be fine but I still needed to undergo the exam.  After two intense days, we finished and I came out on top.

However, it did not end there.  Days later on December 27th, the same challenger had her lawyer file a motion seeking to keep me off the ballot due to a missing word on my petitions.  Their claim: I was trying to confuse the voters.  My lawyer immediately got to work preparing to defend my petitions.  A week went by.

It was during this time that I continued to fund raise, meet people, work and study.  I have no complaints because it was my decision to stand up for the people in the 4th District.  I do this because my organizing framework does not allow me to stay silent or stationary when I see injustice.  

This past Saturday my lawyer called to inform me that I had won another battle and I will be on the ballot!  Whew! I knew I would be fine but when you are distracted by the challenges, it is time consuming (their strategy).  Still, all of this takes financial resources.  To retain a lawyer was $3,500.  Many of you gave towards the down payment for the legal fees attached to the challenges.  For this I am in deep gratitude.  Thank you.

However, it is not over.  I need to finish paying the lawyer and gear up for the race.  I need to do outreach to voters. I need to buy spots on radio programs. I need to make sure I can feed volunteers that help me knock on doors, phone bank, be poll watchers and stand outside the polls on election day.  It takes more effort to run a grassroots campaign because you do not have the backing of corporations and big money.  But I have the people and that is who I am counting on!

Right now at this very moment, this is a PLEA for assistance.  Every uphill battle will cost.  But it is a cost worth bearing.  If 2,000 people gave me $25 each, we could raise an amount that really supports and pushes this campaign forward.  A friend sent me a message and told me she was saving up to donate to my campaign.  My message to her was clear.....every single dollar counts NOW!  Make a donation RIGHT NOW!

Help me win this election.

We deserve real leadership.  We deserve Better!

Thank you!


January 4, 2018

Success Comes From the People!!!!!

A big shout out to my donors!  We are reaching goals!  21 people have made an investment in progressive leadership because not only do they believe in me but the proof is in the pudding!  They have seen me over the years as an advocate for the people! Looking for people TODAY TO MAKE A DONATION! 

I started my activism in affordable housing but my sense of justice began way before then.  From being around five years old and knowing it was wrong for a saleswoman to just barge into the dressing room of my mother, without announcing herself, to working on the Christian Service Committee at my high school to deliver necessities to the children and families at St. James, to mentoring young women around their reproductive rights, to so much more - I have fought where there was a "wrong" and stood behind those where there was a "right".

My civic engagement and commitment to justice - commitment to people - is how I live my life.  I believe in being proactive and taking a stand.  That is why I am running.  I, like many constituents, are tired and fed up with mismanagement and ineffective leadership.  We are tired of those that do not look out for our best interests.  We want someone committed to people - committed to working for the people!  This is why I stepped up!

The time is NOW!  

Please support this campaign, endorse here on this page and then share with your contacts on why you believe in me!  This is a people powered movement!  We Deserve Better!!!!!

#Gaylon2018 #WeDeserveBetter #PeoplePoweredCampaign

December 27, 2017

Clearing a Hurdle!

Today I need you to make a donation, and here is why:

Running for office is difficult and often many people do not realize what actually goes into the process.  Just because someone has collected signatures does not necessarily mean they will end up on the ballot.  One of the biggest issues you must deal with are challenges to your petitions.  Remember the goal of others on the ballot is to keep you off.

Last Friday and Saturday - right before Christmas - my lawyer, campaign manager, my mother and I were at the Board of Elections dealing with a records examination.  This is where each and every signature is examined for authenticity.  It is a tedious process that took days of staring at computer screens and petition sheets.  

So although it was not the most enjoyable place to be right before the holiday, I was grateful at the Board of Elections because not only did I survive the challenge, but I learned about the process.  

I have plenty of signatures over the required amount.  However, all this takes financial resources.  From legal representation, to absolutely everything you see - it requires money.  Like I stated at my campaign kickoff - just get me on the ballot, support me and I will win.

This campaign is about us - the people.  The 4th District Deserves Better! We Deserve Better! 

Donate Today!  

Thank you!

December 26, 2017

How Running Marathons Prepared Me!

Running for office is a different type of animal and it can catch you off guard.  However, if you know me, then you know my story.  I am nearing the end of my PhD program in Community Psychology and I run marathons!  So I am familiar with hard work and challenges!  This is a journey that I am prepared to take.  Like one of my running brothers stated today: "Keep at it.  It is a marathon, not a sprint"!

Preparing for a marathon alters and changes your life.  It is thru this process that you learn about yourself and what you are capable of.  I am well aware of what a political race entails; and all the ups and downs, but if I can survive domestic violence, lose 360lbs and run marathons - I can do this!

Help me get to the finish line!  I want to transform the 4th District in Cook County because We Deserve Better!

Big Thank You to my donors!!!!

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!