I want to run for office to make an impact by improving multicultural and multilingual education, fighting for immigration rights, and advocating for equity and social justice. I am a multicultural and multilingual leader.  I truly understand some of the issues multicultural individuals encounter and I will passionately work to ensure we are represented, have a "seat at the table", and are included in the changes that may directly or indirectly impact us.  

Why vote Tarece Johnson?

* District 5 is the most multicultural area in Gwinnett County and my skills and experiences in diversity and multicultural education provide me with unique perspectives because I truly understand the needs of the community. I don't just speak about it, but I live and breathe it. I have traveled the world, lived in Puerto Rico, founded a multicultural/multilingual school and co-founded a school in Central America. I am passionate about embracing differences and respecting others.  I will work hard to ensure equity, justice, and quality multicultural education. 

* I  will work to ensure equitable practices and equal pay for equal work. I want diversity integration in our businesses, organizations, governments, and schools. 

* As an entrepreneur, I also want to work with businesses and partner with them to ensure sustainability and growth. I want our diverse businesses to thrive and contribute to the economic power in Gwinnett. 

* By 2040 Gwinnett County is projected to be majority people from various cultures (non-white).  I want to represent Gwinnett’s multicultural population that remains underserved and underrepresented.

* It is time for change! We need representation! We need to create a more racially and ethnically diverse senate and house in the State of Georgia! 

* I support DACA and immigration. I believe we all have the right to achieve our dreams. I will be the voice to represent those who want to make a better or different life for themselves in America and in District 5. 

* I embrace the diversity of Gwinnett County and I want to ensure that the multicultural community continues to thrive and grow together. I will work to create a more welcoming and interconnected community for immigrants and people who seek to be included and embraced in the community regardless of their differences, religious observations, and/or their country of origin. 

* I aim to make an impact in education.  I want our schools to improve second language learning programs, have more multicultural and multilingual resources, curriculums, and programs and enhance the classroom learning environment with multicultural images and positive messaging. I aim to advocate for multicultural education as a requirement in schools because it helps students learn about respecting differences and facilitates teaching for social justice.  Multicultural education truly allows us to develop individuals and leaders who care kind, empathetic, and respectful. 

* My goal is to advocate for the children of Gwinnett, to ensure that they are prepared to be contributing US citizens and globally competitive individuals. In addition to focusing on international education, I aim to focus on character development and leadership.  I want the students of Gwinnett County to embrace who they are and take advantage of the rich diversity around them in our community. I want to strategically connect the intersectionality of the people in our community and use the diversity of thought, background, education, experiences, etc. to strengthen our community.

* I aim to motivate and inspire our youth that purposeful education is powerful. I want to work directly with the school board, principals, teachers, and students to improve our schools and community. 

* I care about you.  I want to learn about and from you.  Please share with me your thoughts, issues, dreams, needs, hopes, and concerns. Please contact me to schedule a phone call, video conference, and/or an in-person meeting. I need you to help me, help you. I need and want to hear from you. 

My Promise: 

* I promise to work hard to represent you and advocate for your needs. 

* I promise to work diligently for the people to make a difference in the community. 

Thank you for your support. 

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