What Is ProgCode, And Where Did We Come From?

When the 2016 Presidential Primary season kicked off in the Spring of 2015, a 3,000 member volunteer tech team called Coders for Sanders, formed a decentralized online coalition and permanently disrupted politics-as-usual. The progressive community powered a tech movement which:

  • Built and launched 84 open source applications, for $0
  • Raised $280 million from 8 million individual donors contributing an average $27 each
  • Mobilized over 13 million primary votes for Bernie Sanders

The story could have ended there, but beyond the promise of removing money’s influence in politics, they saw an opportunity to radically change the democratic landscape to empower governance by the people. 

Investing In ProgCode Now, Yields Great ROI

ProgCode was formed in July 2016 and is a 501(c)(4) non-profit. At a critical time in U.S. democracy, we've made an enormous impact with no outside financial assistance, realizing proof of concept and positively impacting issues that matter, from individual rights to social justice. Our coding and non-coding members are guided by the simple notion that everyday people empowered to use their talents for good can--and do--create change. 

  • Culture. We are change makers and creative problem solvers practicing radical inclusion, mutual respect and reciprocity in a non-partisan progressive, non-hierarchical and transparent community valuing individual and project team autonomy.

  • Mission. We aim to remove the influence of big money in politics by creating open source tech to empower grassroots progressive issues-based campaigns.

  • Community. The extended networks of ProgCode's members and partners add up to many thousands of progressives around the world. In a rich creative environment, activists, artists, educators, organizers, project managers and technicians leverage the chaos of change for max impact, built on a stable foundation and a bottom-up, consent-based decision-making process.

How We'll Use Your Recurring Monthly Contributions

We've done this much without your financial help. Imagine what we can do with your small donations. Our critical work and long term goals can be achieved with your help. Our immediate needs:

I. Hire at least three, full-time employees to drive our mission:

ProgCode Member Services

  • Volunteer Organizing Services
  • Community Outreach & Onboarding
  • Recruiting & Employment Matching
  • Community Legal Consulting Services

ProgCode Operations Management

  • Content Creation
  • Legal & Financial Regulatory Compliance
  • PR & Marketing Services
  • Partnership Building & Evangelism

ProgCode Technical Lead

  • Tech Liaison to Partner Organizations
  • Tech Project Management Services
  • Tech Consulting Services for Project Leads

II. Pay Annual Operations Costs, Filing Fees, Community & Member Resources

ProgCode isn't peddling pie-in-the-sky ideas. We effectuate change with every project our members launch. ProgCode is Democratizing Democracy at a critical moment in history, when progressive change is scarce and in high demand. Thank you for your support!

If you have more time than money and want to be part of this historic movement, please endorse this campaign and share it with everyone you know. Then join us in Slack!

Progressive Coders Network is a 501(c)4 non-profit social good organization. Donations to Progressive Coders Network are not deductible.

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  • Joseph Breslin endorsed

    “Democracy is important and we should have even more of it!”

January 25, 2018

We Are The Change Makers

In the ProgCode Slack, 1,300 tech and non-tech activists are collaborating, organizing and building open source tech in a transparent, non-hierarchical community whose mission is to remove the influence of big money in politics and empower the grassroots.

Read about our IMPACT and how YOU can help with a recurring monthly contribution.

December 23, 2017

Campaign created!

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  • Joseph Breslin endorsed

    “Democracy is important and we should have even more of it!”