For three of the last four congressional elections, Republican incumbent Robert Aderholt has run unopposed in Alabama's 4th Congressional District. This is unacceptable. For any candidate to run unopposed is a degradation of democracy. No one fights for the right to fill-in a box next to a stand-alone name on a ballot. If the voters do not have a choice then their voice is not heard and their right to vote is effectively nullified. 

The Alabama voters of District 4 deserve a choice. Lee Auman plans to give them one. 

Auman is energetic, passionate, and convinced that each of us must stand up for what is right and ensure that those who have been silenced go unheard no longer. He has a supportive and substantial network of friends, a zeal for leaving every person and thing better than he found them, and a heart on fire with hope for a greater tomorrow. 

Auman's life has been inextricably affected by his involvement and leadership in the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama. He views his entry into political life as a mere continuation of his ministry to serve God's people, but he is uninterested in promulgating his own theological or religious views. Rather, Auman seeks to help others understand that we all walk abreast on the same journey and that we are all inherently deserving of the compassion of one another. 

Raised in Union Grove, Alabama, Auman has small town roots and a broad perspective. This is what we need to represent the people of Alabama, who for too long have been cast in a light that distorts the true nature of this great state. 

If we gain enough money and endorsements to mount a viable campaign, it will send a message that no candidate from any party can take their votes for granted. It will send a message that we are ready for a political philosophy that deems every person worthy of dignity and respect, that subverts the subtle systems of oppression which have kept silent the most vulnerable, and that strives to dissipate unjust power and embolden service. 

Please get involved today! If you can contribute, please do. If you can't, please endorse. Either way, you can support us by spreading the word to your social network and asking them to do the same. Thank you!

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  • endorsed

    “It is quite unusual for a candidate to make a phone call personally to talk about his vision and concern. This behavior reflects passions and dedications. Although it is a tough fight district for Mr. Auman, it is not impossible for him to put his passion forward and pursue his love for this district and this country. For this reason, I support him. Based on the his financial records, more fundings are needed. Any dollar will count. 2018 is a very important era for our country.”

  • endorsed

    “As a candidate in the Illinois 5th District, I share with Lee Auman and countless others the belief that it is time for a moral revolution in this country—a return to first principles and to the best of the ideals that informed our vountry’s Founding.”

  • endorsed

    “Young leaders are changing the world for the better. Time to let them do more.”

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    “Our idea is to support candidates with a platform that recognizes diversity in America and seeks to make positive changes.”

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    “Good luck brother anyone trying to make change in a Red State and unseat some of these career politicians has my support.”

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    “He is a man with integrity, compassion, ideals, and warmth for all. He's exactly the kind of person Alabama deserves as representative!”

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    “His heart is in the right place. He genuinely cares about serving others.”

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    “Thank you for running for Congress! We need more people like you on the ballot and in Congress! Good luck.”

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    “Any opponent of Aderholt is good with me.”

  • endorsed

    “Young, ideals, integrity, and motivated by the correct reasons!”

January 27, 2018

Will you become a monthly donor?

Hey everybody! 

Thank you all for helping get my campaign off the ground. I'm grateful for all the support so far, and I have a new request for you: Will you become a monthly donor?

A recent study shows that monthly donors give an average of 42% more a year than one-time donors. Think about all the things you pay for each month. I hope you'll put your money where your values are and consider adding this campaign to the list. 

Continuing to spread the word and raise enough to mount a viable campaign, I've been filling my schedule with speaking engagements and meetings with friends and potential donors. You who have helped get this started are the ones who will help keep it going. Since I don't expect big dollars to come flying my way, this truly needs to be a grassroots campaign. 

My fundraising goal by June 5 (primary election day) is $50,000. That's 5,000 donations of $10, or 2,500 of $20, or 1,250 donations of $40. Do the math however you like, it's an attainable goal for a network as supportive as you have been. Your monthly contribution goes a long way. 

Thank you, thank you. 


January 8, 2018

The Formalities Begin

Hey everybody! Today I opened a business bank account under the name "Lee Auman for United States Congress." This is just one of the legalities/formalities required of someone who plans to run for office. This means that soon I can (and will) officially declare my candidacy, at which point the funds you pledged will be removed from your bank account. This is your heads-up! 

We've raised well over the amount it takes just to get on the ballot. As we continue to pull together endorsements and smaller donations, I have my eyes set on next week, when I begin face-to-face meetings with potential (big) donors. The experts I've talked to expect that, if he views his opponent as a true threat, Aderholt could likely spend approx. $1,000,000 on his campaign this year. Money isn't everything, but it can make a world of difference when faced with the odds of winning as a Democrat in this district against an opponent with endless resources. 

I'm also pulling together a staff. If you know and trust someone who might be inclined to be a good campaign manager, treasurer, social media coordinator, etc. then don't hesitate to contact me. 

I want to thank you all for your ongoing and continued support. Without you none of this is possible. Be well. 

January 4, 2018

"Beginnings are delicate times." - Frank Herbert

Hey everybody! I'm humbled, honored, excited,... so many words... about how well the campaign is going so far. Thank you all for your support, and for continuing to spread the word. In just a few short days of the campaign being public, we've already raised a substantial amount of money toward the current goal. 

So you're aware what I'm up to. Right now I have two primary goals: get as many speaking engagements as possible, and secure endorsements from non-profits and other organizations that want to see a strong democratic candidate succeed in the most Republican district in Alabama. If you know of any groups that might be interested in having me come and speak with them, PLEASE let me know. Thanks again, seriously. With supporters like you, we can really make a difference. 

For those not on Facebook, I'm posting the announcement video here. 

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!