As your senator, I will fight for change.  I  want to do what is right for my special interest- the children and families in California.  As a community activist I have always have always been fighting for Democratic values, social and economic justice.  As our political process degrades to nothing more than a competition for money, our education system fails and our healthcare system deteriorated.  As a nurse, community activist and author, I have a plan on how to deliver a more cost effective healthcare system for all citizens and how to provide a better quality education for our children.  If we educate our children today, we can prevent them from becoming criminals, drug users and teen parents.  According a Gallop poll, people trust nurses the most - many citizens have made the commitment to vote for me.


As a nurse, educator, school volunteer and community activist, Anna Nevenic understands the importance of quality education. We must work to insure that every child can achieve their full potential. Our education system must prepare students for the jobs of the future.

Anna will stand up for students and families to ensure that early learning childhood programs in the district receive the funding they need. Anna believes in making college affordable  and  all forms of financial assistance are made available to students. The future of California's workforce will require better education to provide technical skills and innovative problem solvers. Businesses need employees who are job ready, and well prepared. Currently many children are falling behind.

The solution to educational deficit requires starting early. The highest return to human capital investment is starting early. 90%  of the brain is developed by age 5. Approximately 30% of our children in the district do not attend preschool.

At-risk children who do not receive  a high quality early childhood education are:

25% more likely to dropout of school*

40% more likely to become a teen parent*

50% more likely to be placed in special education*

70% more likely to be arrested*

Prevention works, helps economy and it improves lives. " each dollar of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Economy and jobs

Anna will fight to create new well paid jobs, expand clean energy technologies and ensure that local small business owners get the help they need to flourish in a global economy. Anna want to grow and diversify our economy , and provide incentives for companies to bring better paying jobs to our district.

Organized Labor

Anna is strong supporter of organized labor and the rights of worker to organize . She is proud to have walked the picket lines with nurses, ILLWU  when they were locked out of the docks in 2002 and she protested  with the hotel workers near LAX when they successfully fought to receive a fair living wage.

Women's Rights & Human Rights

Ann strongly support advancing the rights of women. She believes in equal pay for women, and equal employment opportunities. Anna supports a woman's right to choose. Anna will work to expand child care centers so that working families can have a safe and affordable place were all children can thrive.

I will be a strong advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for law-abiding undocumented immigrants.  I believe we must reduce our immigration backlog and allow our country to attract the world’s brightest and highest-skilled workers to help us better compete in a global market.

I believe in equal rights for everyone and preserving and expanding the protection of the LBGT community.

Defending our Seniors

Our great state cannot allow that its senior have to choose about being hungry or buying the medicine they need, nor to fall into poverty and homelessness. Anna will work to continue and expand programs for senior such as assisted day care centers were they can be safe while family members are working.

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