Olysha is a mom, an educator, and a community activist. She wants to protect our public education, fight for clean water, and keep local decisions local.

Do you want a true progressive with years of experience organizing, marching, protesting, and fighting for progressive issues to fight in Tallahassee for you?

Olysha is someone who:

  • Was a member of the teacher's union (and current member of the NEA) and marched to protest Gov. Rick Scott's attack on our pensions and job security. 
  • Organized several protests at Ted Yoho's office to fight for the Affordable Care Act.
  • Called and written our elected officials daily, and organized lunch meetings with our local officials to express concerns about current legislation.
  • Marched in Tallahassee for the Women's March and plan to march again this month.
  • Protested the No Nazi UF protest - and was the only candidate in this race who showed up in solidarity with our community.

Not only has Olysha been an activist, she taught in our schools from elementary, to middle school, to state college. You hear our elected officials say they care about our kids, but we have watched as they vote over and over again in the name of "privatization" and "choice" - when really our taxpayer money is being funneled into for-profit interests. Olysha knows our public education system is eroding in the name of special interests. And she has experienced our stressed out kids being over-tested.

It's time to CHANGE the culture in Tallahassee. It's time to elect someone who fundamentally understands the issues that we face as regular, hard-working people. Olysha is not in the top 1% and doesn't think we need more of the same old, same old in our government - because it ain't working for regular people like you and us. 

Olysha is ready to fight for us in Tallahassee! ARE YOU WITH US?

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January 3, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!